What would you do if you were told to leave everything you had and go undercover? If a psycho man was trying to kill you because of an old family secret your parents wouldn't tell you about? That is exactly what happens to Spencer Breakes. She has to leave everything and move from New York City to Stratford in Canada with her family without telling anyone. She was told never to trust or bond with anyone, but what happens when she suddenly finds herself getting closer to the boy, Justin Bieber, living next door? Her parents tells her to stay away from him, cause superstars can not be trusted, but will she? Her whole body screams "danger ahead", but what if hiding has made her bored? Will she continue her undercover life or risk everything and fall?


1. Epilogue

"Your name is no longer Spencer. Hanna Smith is your new identity"

Two hours. That's how long i'd been stuck in this prison. "Sure" I answered spinning from side to side in a red chair in front of Agent Russell's desk. My head slowly turned towards the window. I would have been at the beach with Courtney by now if- "Spencer do you even listen to what I'm saying? This is important!" I was now facing Agent Russell again.I stopped spinning the chair. His eyes looked tired. He looked like someone who could use a good nights sleep.

"Yes I understand. Can I go now?" I pointed towards the door behind his desk. Agent Russell sighed for what seemed like the 20th time the last hour. I knew I was being rude, and this was not the usual me, but i couldn't stand the heat in here and this whole situation was creeping me out. "Yes, you can leave now." I grabbed my purse and hurried towards the door. This place was creeping me out.

"Miss Breakes?" I stopped and looked back. "Don't you mean 'Smith'?" I said annoyed. He ignored my comment. "We're only doing this to protect you and your family." He said looking me straight in the eyes. He was not older than 25, but the bags under his eyes made him look much older. I rolled my eyes "From what exactly?" Agent Russell shook his head "I'm sorry miss I can't tell you"

I rolled my eyes, and left, closing the door behind me.Hanna Smith? That's me. I guess.

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