What would you do if you were told to leave everything you had and go undercover? If a psycho man was trying to kill you because of an old family secret your parents wouldn't tell you about? That is exactly what happens to Spencer Breakes. She has to leave everything and move from New York City to Stratford in Canada with her family without telling anyone. She was told never to trust or bond with anyone, but what happens when she suddenly finds herself getting closer to the boy, Justin Bieber, living next door? Her parents tells her to stay away from him, cause superstars can not be trusted, but will she? Her whole body screams "danger ahead", but what if hiding has made her bored? Will she continue her undercover life or risk everything and fall?


4. Chapter ~ Stratford


When we finally got off the plane and we’d found our luggage, my dad stalked off to find us a cap that could take us to our new home.

I had nothing against Toronto. This airport was huge, and what I’d seen of the city so far was pretty amazing too, but no matter how beautiful it was, I couldn’t stop comparing it to New York.

Every building, sound, human that walked by or taxi, reminded me of home.

I want this to just be a dream, but I’m starting to realize I’m as awake as human possible. And I’m never going back. I’ll just have to accept it and continue my life, even though it may be hard.

But I have to.



“OH MY GOD, this place is INCREDIBLE.” My brother yelled beside me as we stepped out of the taxi.

Mike send me a stern look that said: “Compliment the damn house now or I will make your life suck.”

“Do you guys like it?” My mom asked nervously biting her lip.

“Yeah, it’s really nice mom” I smiled at her and put on a fake smile. Her face immediately lit up and she walked over to me and threw her arms around me in a tight hug.

“Really? I was so nervous you were not gonna like it!” She hugged me even tighter, and a few seconds later I finally hugged her back. “I like it mom. You don’t have to worry.”

She let go of me and pushed me towards the house.  “Now go look at your new room!”

“Ok. I will” She let go of me and I walked up to the front porch and grabbed the handle and slowly opened the door. Mike was standing behind me waiting impatiently to see how our new home looked.

Inside was a HUGE living room. It looked absolutely amazing.  I looked at Mike and chuckled as his mouth hung wide open and he looked like he was in shock.

“I’m gonna find my room. If it looks half as expensive as this I’m gonna faint.” He said running up the stairs.

I rolled my eyes at him and looked out of the huge windows. The backyard was covered in snow. I was admiring the swimming pool when something else caught my attention.

“Bruce when are they gonna be here?” an elder woman yelled.  She was currently fixing some flowers on her porch. I guess she was our new nabour.

Before the so called Bruce had time to answer a black range rover pulled up at the house.

Seconds later a large old man in suit and black ray bans stepped out of the car.

“Oh hey Moshe!” The elder lady yelled, and the man in suit waved at her before opening the door to the passenger seats.

A man in what looked like his late Thirties stepped out of the car followed by a boy my age.  He looked cute, but I couldn’t see much of him.

I sighed and stalked off to see the rest of the house.


When I finally found my room, I took a deep breath before I slowly opened the door. I kept my eyes closed and walked a few steps into the room, before I let the hand that was covering my eyes fall.

I gasped and my heart skipped a beat. This room is AMAZING! I squealed like a little child and forgot everything about being mad. I threw myself down onto the bed and looked around. This was seriously unbelievable.

It was hard to stay mad at mom and dad when they had made this room look perfect. I had not expected them to do something as amazing like this.

But as soon as I think about the secret their keeping from me and Mike and the murderer out there looking for us I feel the anger building up inside of me.



“7AM waking up in the morning, gotta be fresh, gotta go downstai-“  my alarm was going off.

“Shut the fuck up Rebecca” I mumbled and hit the snooze button. I yawned and dozed off again.  I was feeling tired as hell and my pillow was just soooo comf-

“Hannah are you up?” I groaned and sat up in the bed. “Yeah mom, I’m up.” I listened to her walk away and when I couldn’t hear her footsteps anymore I got out of bed, and went to look for some clothes to wear.

Today was my first day at Stratford High School. Mom told me yesterday I didn’t have t go today because we got here yesterday and she thought I had to get used to the surroundings before I went to school.

But I told her I wanted to go. And I do. I’ve decided I want to forget about New York and everyone back home, and the only way I can do that is by stop living in the past and move on.

I put on my clothes (http://www.polyvore.com/school_outfit/set?id=58481075)  and did my makeup and hair, before I went downstairs.

I was leaning against the counter eating an apple when my dad walked into the kitchen.

“Are you excited?” he asked me, opening the fringe and grabbed the milk. I knew he was talking about school.

I shrugged and took one last bite of the apple before throwing it out. “I guess. Quite nervous actually” I laughed nervously looking at the floor.

“It’s going to be fine Hannah” He said leaving the kitchen.

I sighed. Yeah sure.  How will everything be alright, when I can’t be social? I can’t make any friends, because I’m not allowed to get to close to anyone. 

I grabbed my back and left the house and walked to my car, mom and dad bought me last year. It was a black range rover. It’s my little baby girl. Haha.

“Come on baby girl, let’s go to school.” I said driving out of the garage. Yes, I talk to my car. Don’t judge me.


When I arrived at school I parked my car and walked to the main office to get my schedule.

“Hello, you must be Hannah Smith.” An elder woman said as soon as I walked in. I smiled at her and nodded.

“Welcome to Stratford High! Here is your schedule.” She handed me my schedule and a couple of other papers.

I looked at my schedule wondering where my class is “Where is room 475?” I asked the elder lady.

“Oh, don’t worry. I will take you, and introduce you to Mr. Marshall, your teacher.” I nodded nervously.  

“Just follow me Hannah.” She said and we walked out of the main office and down the big hall. Students were at their lockers, laughing together and having fun.

“Here we are sweetheart” She smiled at me. She pointed at a wooden door that said “475”. She opened the door and walked in. I walked slowly behind her. There was luckily not many in there since school hadn’t started yet.

“Hello Mr. Marshall, this is Hannah Smith” She pointed at me. “She is new at Stratford high.” I waved at him.

“Oh hello Hannah! I’m your new math teacher! You can sit over there” He pointed at a desk in the back of the classroom. I nodded and my made my way towards the desk. I found my things and sat down waiting for the others students to join class.

I felt my phone vibrate against my leg in my bag that was standing on the floor. I bend down and grabbed it.

I ignored the call from my mom and sat back in my seat.

“Ignoring calls from your mom I see?” My head snapped up and I met a pair of brown eyes that I knew who exactly belonged to.

My heart skipped a beat. This could not be true

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