What would you do if you were told to leave everything you had and go undercover? If a psycho man was trying to kill you because of an old family secret your parents wouldn't tell you about? That is exactly what happens to Spencer Breakes. She has to leave everything and move from New York City to Stratford in Canada with her family without telling anyone. She was told never to trust or bond with anyone, but what happens when she suddenly finds herself getting closer to the boy, Justin Bieber, living next door? Her parents tells her to stay away from him, cause superstars can not be trusted, but will she? Her whole body screams "danger ahead", but what if hiding has made her bored? Will she continue her undercover life or risk everything and fall?


3. Chapter 2 ~ "Are you okay?"

A few hours had passed, but we were still in the air. There was not more than 30 minutes left before we'd be in Canada, but my bum was getting really tired of sitting down, and i was bored as hell.

My Ipod had served me well the last couple of hours, but were now dead, and i'd read all the magazines i'd brought, so i had nothing to do but stare out of the window.

Mike and almost everyone was in deep sleeep since it was pretty late, but i wan't tired. I kept thinking about my friends, NYC and family.

I couldn't bare it anymore. I got up from my seat and made my way past Mike without waking him up. I made my way to the bathrooms and locked the door after me when i got inside. I sighed and ran my fingers through my long chocolate brown hair. I leaned against the wall and let out a sob. Before i knew it i was crying not caring if anyone could hear me.

This was all to much to take in for me. How could things go from perfect to this?! "I'm on my way to Canada. i don't even know where in Canada!" i thought to myself and let out a breat i'd been holding for a really long time.

When i was done crying i removed my hands from my face, and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My mascara was already a little smushed and i had red puffy eyes, but i didn't care at the moment. I

I sniffed and another tear slid down my cheek. I don't even like my new name. I actually hate it. It's hideous.

I closed my eyes again and cried. I wanted things to go back to normal. Back to Courtney. Back to NYC. Back to things as they were before.

I was deep in my own thoughts when someone knocked on the door, and a hoarse voice interrupted me.

"Are you okay in there?" My head flew up and i quickly wiped away the tears and mascara.

"Y-yeah i'm fine" i turned on the water to remove the last Mascara. It didn't look like i'd been crying anymore. Okay it did, but not as much as it did before.

"Are you sure?" The person asked again. It sounded like a boy my age, maybe a little older. When i was done, i unlocked the door. On the other side of the door was - as i predicted - a boy my age standing. He was wearing a red YMCMB hoodie, black jeans and supras.

"Yeah, i'm sure." I smiled shortly and fake. i walked past him, not wanting to talk to anyone at the moment. I just wanted to curl up into a ball in my seat and die from misery.

"Aye, wait!" The boy grabbed my arm and turned me around, so that i was now facing him. 

Is that who i think it is? 


"What's wrong?" i asked the girl in front of me.I had walked to the toilets and waited for about 5 minutes, before i decided to knock on the door, to see if there was actually someone in there, since i'd had a long day, and i just wanted to go back to sleep. But just as i was about to knock i heard small cries coming from in there.

When the person, that was a girl around my age finally unlocked the door, she tried to avoid me as much as possible.

The girl finally looked away from the floor and into my eyes instead. I let go of her arm and stared into her beautiful green eyes. They were red and puffy and she had no doubt been crying. But she still somehow managed to look utterly beautiful.

"It's nothing" she shrugged. I nodded, getting that she didn't want to talk about it.

"What's your name?" I asked bluntly. I don't know why i it interested me at all, but it somehow did. The way she didn't throw herself at me like many other girls would've done.

She was just about to answer me, when a voice interrupted our conversation.

"Passengers, this is your captain speaking. We are now 20 minutes away from our destination. Therefore we kindly ask you to find your seat and remain seated until the plane have stopped moving"

As soon as the captain stopped talking, the girl walked away towards her seat.

"Wait! I can't know your name?" I asked in a normal voice as people were now waking up, so there was no need for whispering anymore.

The girl seemed to think about it before she opened her mouth to reply. "I'm sorry Justin, but i think it's best if you don't. I don't want you to..." She cut off herself and shook her head.

She knew who i was, and she just rejected me? what the hell.

I nodded and let her walk away. I watched her sit down i her seat before i found my own.

"Who was that you were talking to?" My dad asked as soon as i sat down. He smiled and winked at me misunderstanding what was going on.

"i don't know" i answered.

I nor would i ever.





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