Spending Time At the Beach With One Direction

This is my fan fiction about spending a day with 1D at the beach. I had never been out with them since they had left for there tour. After they had finished there tour they decided to surprise me by going to my house! I literally almost cried but I wanted to look tougher than them. After we talked inside my house catching up, we decided to go out to the beach. The view was was beautiful, the sky did not look to bad. the sun was shining so bright and beautifully! After thinking the day spending time with the boys would not get any better, it did when something i never thought would happen!!
Read to find out!


2. Wish Come True & Sleeping Together

  After Hazza and I said what we truely meant, I decided to show him around my house. I wasnt sure who would sleep in which room since there were only 3 rooms and an extra room over by the little cabin conected to the flat. So i lead Harry up the stairs to show him the rooms. "Woww, these rooms are pretty big for when theres guests and you know..." he said with a pretty big smile across his beautiful face making his dimples appear. "Yea, well Louis and Liam will be sleeping in this one; and then across to that room, Naill and Zayn will sleep in this one." I said not mentioning Hazza's name. "oka--, wait where will i be sleeping at?" he said not sounding to excited. "Well i thought you can sleep either in the outside extra cabin, or the couch!?" I said with a bit of sarcasm and serious voice. "Ha, your to funny babe!Wait a minute, I wanna sleep in that room across the hall all the way in the further end!" he said while making his way over to my room, yet he didnt know it was mine..."Hold it there...Where do you think your going?That is my room and no one is aloud in there without my permission!!" i said sounding really annoyed. He wanted to open the door but since i was in his way he had no luck being able to. After a few minutes of looking into eachothers eyes he said something in my ear that i didnt even understand. so then he leaned in close to me and got me by my waist to kiss me. i didnt figure that he would do that and made me be away from the door until he turned around. i noticed that he was now against the door when i pulled away slowly and just smiled."Ha, i got you. And now im going in!!"

"Your such a tease Harry!!" I said a bit annoyed yet i had said it with a smile!
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