Spending Time At the Beach With One Direction

This is my fan fiction about spending a day with 1D at the beach. I had never been out with them since they had left for there tour. After they had finished there tour they decided to surprise me by going to my house! I literally almost cried but I wanted to look tougher than them. After we talked inside my house catching up, we decided to go out to the beach. The view was was beautiful, the sky did not look to bad. the sun was shining so bright and beautifully! After thinking the day spending time with the boys would not get any better, it did when something i never thought would happen!!
Read to find out!


1. The Biggest Surprise Ever!!

      It had been a few months since I last saw my five best guys that I loved and cared about. I decided to call Harry Styles... I waited to hear his voice, but he never answered! So I then called Liam Payne... Luckely I thought to myself why someone who might actually answer my call. The only person who most of the time answered my calls was Zayn Malik. Then, I called and after twice the ringing I heard a familiar voice.!!

    "Jay, VAS HAPPENING??", Zayn said with an excited voice.  "Hey, BOO BEAR!!! Hahaha im joking Zayn." I responded as funny as I can be . "Never, ever call me that again Jay!" Zayn said with a sort of sad voice. "When will you guys be back?"  "Hey honey bunches of oats!" Harry said as loud as he can from the bottok of his lungs. When i heard his voice my heart started beating fast and I just felt an enormous smile form on my face! "Hey Hazza! I miss you and the others of course." I said almost suttering it out my mouth. " Well we wont see you until another month Jay. Im so sorry!!" Zayn said with a sad voice. " Oh, um thats alight, what can i say you guys are the greatest boy band ever. Well i'll let you go now...See you soon. I love you guys. Goodbye!" I said sounding sad. " Alright then Jay. We love you to, Goodbye...and take care!"  After a few hours, I got a text from a private number giving me directions. I did as it said, I got to the last direction and opened the door. When I opened the door i did not see anyone outside. So i closed the door, and when I turned around I saw five guys, five familiar faces. I decided to put my glasses back on to see perfectly. Then, I look back up and see my five guys, the ones I can not live without. "SURPRISE!!!" They all scram and scared me. After a few seconds I finally reacted. "Oh my god!!! Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis... UGHH, I LOVE YOU GUYS !!" After my response I ran up to them and gave them all a big bear hug that i made them fall to the floor! Then they got back up and I gave them all individual hugs and small kisses on the cheeks. When I got to Harry he did not let go until about two or three minutes later. " So we have talked for about 2 hours, what do you guys want to do now?" I said while letting out a long sigh. "How about if we go out to the beach until the sun sets?" Zayn said with a smile. "Okay, lets go!!" Harry and I said at the same time then we giggled at the same time.

    We all went out and  started chasing each other splashing water with our feet. I got tired at went of to shore sight. After a few seconds or so, I felt someone behind me. I turned around and saw Harry behind me giving me a hand to stand up. " Take my hand, I want to show you something you might love." Harry said with passion. "Okay, um just don't scare me. PLEASE!" I said making him swear he would not. He lead me to a secret place he found earlier today with an amazing view of the water hitting the rocks. He sat down making a worried face. I sat down facing him, then I asked" Is everything alright?" , but he didn't answer me. "Hazza, please ans--..." I was cut off by some soft, warm lips touching mine. I decided to kiss back. After about 3 minutes he pulled away gently. " What was that for Harry?" I asked with a little bit of confusion. Then we both got up, but he walked in front of me. He was a few feet away, and i ran up to him catching up, and jumped on his back. I got off and i stepped in front of him making him stop. I made eye contact with him, then he leaned over to me and kissed me again but with a lot more passion. I didn't want it to end  so i decided to kiss him back. This time I pulled away and hugged him. We started walking back but holding hands this time. When we got back Louis looked straight up at us," Where have you t--..Wait a minute, Hazza you asked her already?" I looked at Louis then at Harry with confusion. I walked away before he said something, I turned back around watching Harry going back to my house. I started running after him yelling," Harry wait, stop..."As he turned around I jumped on him as he fell to the sand. I did not let him talk, I leaned and kissed him with all the passion I could take out on the kiss. "Woww, I thought you were mad at me?" He said to me. "Well now you know i am not, adn is there something you would like to ask me?" I said with a big smile on my face. "Yes, well um, look i have been wanting to ask you something since we got here..." He said. "continue please!" i responded. " Okay, well um, I first wanted to say, I want you to be a part of my life, I will never let anyone or anything put you in harms way.!!" I stayed with a big smile on my face and didn't know what to say. "Well what do you say babe?" He said while getting a hold of my hand." How can i say no to you!!" i said and leaned over to him to give him the answer by kissing him. "I LOVE YOU BABE!" He said sounding really happy. "I LOVE YOU TOO HUN.!" 

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