Spending Time At the Beach With One Direction

This is my fan fiction about spending a day with 1D at the beach. I had never been out with them since they had left for there tour. After they had finished there tour they decided to surprise me by going to my house! I literally almost cried but I wanted to look tougher than them. After we talked inside my house catching up, we decided to go out to the beach. The view was was beautiful, the sky did not look to bad. the sun was shining so bright and beautifully! After thinking the day spending time with the boys would not get any better, it did when something i never thought would happen!!
Read to find out!


3. **A/N**

Hey guyz, i know i havent updated this movella..but ive been working on a new one, i have , i believe almost 10 chapters to it:) soon i'll give a little seak peak to the story:D until i complete a bit more of it, i will publish the story, and if you guyz can read it, favorite, like, or even comment what you think:D plzz nd thank u!!!
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