Secrets and Accents

Sydney Scott seems to have a normal life, normal friends, and normal family. But what if maybe she wasnt as normal as people may think? What if she had a huge secret. What if that secret was that she is leading a double life as a famous popstar? Thats right is also Charlotte the famous pop diva that everyone loves. When Charlotte has to do a collaboration with the biggest boy bad in the world, One Direction everything changes when it comes to keeping her secret.


1. Introduction


Sydney•  "Thank you! You guys were amazing good night!" i shouted in the microphone. The stage lights went from a blinding white to pitch black.Thousands of people were still chantig my name for more as i walked off stage.  "Great concert charlotte." Numerous people people congratulated me. I simply smiled and continued walking back to my dressing room. I opened the door to my dressing room and was greeted by my 4 amazing friends. Jessie who happens to be one of my dancers, Payton who is my lead guitarist, marnie who is my stylist, and skylar a.k.a skye who is a part of my manager and agent.  "Hey sydney you were great tonight." Marnie told me.  "Thanks but right now all i really want to do is get all this off and go home and sleep." I said taking off the light brown wig i had on revealing my platinum blonde hair with a single baby blue streak.  If you are wondering, im a famous singer named charlotte of atleast thats my stage name and what all my fans know me as. But off stage im sydney who all my friends family and people at school know me as.  "I dont think thats going to be possible." Marnie said putting a piece of her shiny brown hair behind her ear.  "Why?" i asked scrubbing the makeup off my face.  "One Directions manager called saying that he wants Charlotte to do a duet with them." Payton said.  "Wait one direction as in that stuck up boy band from where ever?" I said.  "From England and Ireland." Jessie corrected me.  "Besides how would you know that their stuck up you've never even met them." She said raising her eye brow.  "I dont have to meet them to know so you can tell their manager that i said no." I said sitting down the couch.  "Well to bad i already told them you would do it." Skye said with a satisfied smile. I folded my arms across my chest and rolled my eyes.  "Great." i hissed under my breath.Note my sarcasm.
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