Conquering Love

Faye goes to California for the summer holidays and meets the boys from one direction but what happens when somethinge goes horribly wrong?

this is my first book so a little bit nervous please like and comment :-D


1. On The Plane

Faye sat back in the seat and smiled as she remembered that she was going on holiday! She couldnt wait untill the plain landed. To pass the time she took out her new purple ipod and started to listen to One Direction. Finaly after 2 hours the pilot announced they where going to land Faye felt her ears pop as the plane started to decsend and quickly packed away her ipod and zipped up her bag. then she got up and walked along the plane to meet her mum and dad they where sitting seperatly since they couldnt get seats together "are you ready?" Faye asked her mum who was busy packing up all her stuff "yeah" she reiplied and together faye and her perents stepped out of the plane and into America.

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