I Need You Now - Olly Murs

Based on the song I Need You Now. A love story :)


5. Time is up

Their conversation was pretty normal. Talking about hobbies, familys and joking around.
  'What happened to the man who shoplifted a calander at Christmas?'
  'I don't know. He got no presents?' Georgia guessed.
  'No, he got 12 months!'
 Georgia Chuckled 'Oh my god, that's so bad'
 'But your laughing though' Olly pointed out.
  'I'm laughing at how bad that was!'
  'Yer, I get it from my dad. I've got more of them up my sleeve don't worry'
  'Oh I'm worrying!' 
  Both of them chuckled together for a bit longer. Suddenly Georgia remembered why she'd asked him to this cafe. Something was wrong and she wanted to find out but she didn't know how to ask him.
  'Hello' he smiled
  'Whats bothering you?'
  'Nothing, I mean. I'm fine. Why?' he answered suspiciously. 
  'Because what happened at the well, with the crying and the couple. Something's wrong. I want to know what. I want to help you.' 
  Olly's face fell. But before he could say anything, two teenage girls entered the cafe. One had long red hair and the other straight brown. They giggled and laughed as they played on their smart phones. While Georgia was looking over a the girls, Olly had instinctively snapped on his cap back on his head, making sure it covered his eyes and moved himself to slouch down in his seat. Trying not be be seen. But it was to late. One of the girls was looking straight at him. Her eyes widening. Before Georgia could tell Olly, the girl had whispered to her friend and they were making a bee line to their table.
   'Excuse me' said the girl with the brown hair, 'Are you Olly Murs by any chance?' Her politeness and their calm approach shocked Olly. He slowly lifted of the cap and turned to face the girls to answer thier question.
  Two shocked gasps and excited smiles spread across their faces. This stunned Olly even more. There was no screaming!
  'And what can I do for you lady's?' Olly beamed, instantly hiding his troubles away.
  The girls looked at each other, struggling to hold in their happiness.
  'Can you please have an autograph and a picture? We are such big fans! We're going to see you tonight in Liverpool!' the red head asked.
  'We tried to see you here at the M.E.N arena but the seats were way closer in Liverpool. But we came here to see we could meet you after the show last night'' the other girl explained.
  'Well sure. Anything for some pretty lady's like you two' Olly winked.
  'Thank you so much!' the girls said swooning at the same time. They produced a pen, two pictures of Olly and a camera from the bags they were carrying.
  Taking the pen and placing the pictures on the table Olly said 'So who should I make these out to?'
  'Im Charlotte' said the red haired girl.
  'And I'm Lauren' said her brown haired friend.
  'To Charlotte, kisses and huggs, lots of love Olly!' Olly read out the message as he was scrawled the letters on the rather hot looking picture of himself. He took the other picture and did the same. 'To Lauren, kisses and hugs, lots of love Olly. Here you go babes.' he said as he handed over the autographs whilst getting up for the pictures. They took a picture on their own with him whist he kissed their cheeks and pulled funny faces. It was all so amusing to Georgia. He was like another man!
  After they had got enough pictures and they had hugged him goodbye, he sat back down on his now cold chair. Georgia watched as the girls exited the cafe. They turned to each other and started jumping up and down, looking at the pictures on the camera and touching their cheeks where Olly's lips had been, just minutes ago. Luckily you couldn't hear the squeals but you could tell they were loud. 
  'I'll never get why I make them so happy' Olly mused. 'Im just a normal gizzer!'
  Georgia turned to Olly, they looked into each others eyes. 'Your anything but normal!' she admitted.
  Their gaze was interrupted by the waitress who was still unaware that the guy sitting with Geogia was a mega famous popstar. 'Do you two want any refills?' she asked.
  'No thanks' replied Georgia.
  'Im fine thanks' said Olly 'Besides its nearly.... Dam!' his eyes had wondered to the clock. It was 11:40! He needed to get back to the bus!
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