I Need You Now - Olly Murs

Based on the song I Need You Now. A love story :)


2. The meeting

The show went by without any diffulcultys. He sang, he laughed, he smiled, he danced and everyone loved it. He fed off the crowd. As soon as the lights turned down, the emotions returned. Back to the tour bus. Tomorrow he will be doing it again.

      He woke at 10:00, too early. He rolled over.
  'Shit!' he shouted. 
He'd forgotten he was on the tour bus hammock beds and nearly fell to the floor. The band were sleeping bellow him. (he lost a bet and had to be on the top bunk) He lay there staring at the ceiling for a long time before his belly got the best of him. He climbed down slowly trying not to wake anyone and pottered off to the mini bar.
  Milk, eggs, tomato, leftover pizza and a yogurt. He grabbed the pizza, forgetting about his diet. 
   It was till to early, he had to spend the whole day in the bus because he would cause mobs. He just wanted someone to call, to speak to. Anyone who will listen.
  He looked out the tour bus window. He wanted to see smiling people going about there morning routines but was disappointed by the sight of bored looking security and maintenance workers in the underground parking lot that the bus was parked.
   Feeling claustrophobic he grabbed his old jeans, a plain white polo, an old jacket, converse and Gavin (the bus driver) 's base ball cap. The band wouldn't be up until 12:00 at least which gave him about an hour and a half.
  He slipped out of the bus. No one noticed. He didn't know where he was going he just wanted a walk. Clear his head a bit.
  He slipped out the back door of the building and breathed a big sigh of relief. The early Monday morning traffic was just easing and the pavement was clear apart from an old couple with a Greggs fresh bread in there hands. He smiled. A genuine smile. Setting of towards what looked like some shops. He dug his hands in his pockets and tried to keep his head down.
   After walking for 10 minutes or so, he came to a nice bench near a wishing well. He sat down on the bench and just watched people going about there normal business. Unaware of the platunium selling artist a few metres from them.
  Soon Olly caught sight of a young couple. He was about half a foot taller then her with short brown hair while she had cruly long brunette hair. They made there way over to the well, giggling with their arms linked. He still watched as they made a wish and kissed each other passionately. He noticed the ingagement ring on her finger. He found himself feeling jealous of their happiness.
  It just wasn't fair. They must of been 5 years younger then him. Why couldn't he find anyone? He wanted to know how she kissed in the morning and how she smiled at his jokes. The feeling came back.
  As the couple moved off, Olly shuffled over to where they were embracing and learned over the well, seeing at all the wishes been made. We wondered if anyone of the wishes have come true. He doughted it. Never the less, he found himself pulling out some change and closing his eyes before he tossed the coin into the water.
  Plop! He stared. Another sigh.
  'What did you wish for?'
   What! As he was thinking, he didn't hear the approach of another person. Panicking he pulled down his hat further and deepened his voice.
    'I know who you are!...' She said
    Dam it! Ollys mind started racing. He knew this disguise was to simple. Why did he have to go out? Can he get back to the bus before the mob? How long would it take he he ran? Which way was the arena!!?
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