I Need You Now - Olly Murs

Based on the song I Need You Now. A love story :)


9. The End

Hello?'  Geogia said, quickly wiping away the tears.
'Hi Georgia, it's Olly'
'Hi Olls, what are you up to?'
'Well like those fans said, ive gotta preform in Liverpool tonight'
'Oh, yer. Well good luck with the show'
'Thanks but I was wondering, I'm feeling bad for leaving you, and I'm missing you so much. Would you come down and see the show? Backstage I mean'
'Id love to Olly but I've got no way of getting there!'
'Yer you do, look out the window' 

Georgia got up from he couch and peered out of her 4th floor window. And sure enough, Olly was there. He was leaning against the door of the tour bus, looking all smug and happy.

'How do you know where I live?'
'I googled you. Now come on, we're already late'
'I'll be down in 5! I need to grab something's first. See ya soon'
'I can't wait' And even from up at her view, she could still see his cheeky wink.

Grabbing some makeup, a handbag and a change of clothes, Georgia looked at her self in the mirror. She needed to change. Throwing her bags on the sofa, she searched her wardrobe for something to wear.

Heading outside she saw Olly, still leaning against the bus.
'Your late!'
'You said 5 minutes, it's been 7!'
'Alright Mr Picky!' by this time she had reach the bus. He reached out and they shared a nice, long hug.
'What happened to Mr Smooth-Moves?' joked Olly.
'I don't know, must of gone to bed'
He laughed. 'You've changed?'
'Do you like it?' Georgia wore a red, knee length dress that was perfectly fitted to her body and curves. With it see wore some silver pumps and ear rings and her long blonde hair was tired up in a nice bun. She's also topped up her make up and carried a small shiny purse. 
Looking over Georgia Olly looked impressed. 'I do love it babe, but there's no need to impress me. I'm already hooked.' he said kissing her in the check.
'Oh wait, I think Mr Smooth has returned!'
'I think Mr Smooth has come out to play' Olly seductively answered placing his hands on her hips and pressing there body's together. 'You look beautiful'
    Georgia blushed.
    'Oi! Love birds get your ass on the bus or there won't be a show tonight!' Shouted Gavin, who wore the cap Olly had, secretly borrowed some hours before.
   Olly grumbled. 'Ok, let me get your bags for you my princess'
   'Ok my prince' Georgia said sarcastically as Olly lead her onto the bus. 

   Inside the bus was a bit messy. What do you expect from ten guys living in the same, cramped environment? Some clothes littered the floor and mugs lay on the counters. Olly seemed annoyed by the mess as he shouted 'Come on guys! You knew I was gonna bring a lady on the bus the least you can do is tidy your pants away!'
  'There your pants Olls!' replied Lilygreen, one of Olly's support acts.
   'Haha, very funny'
   By now they had gotten to the back of the bus where it opened out to a mini kitchen and a huge semi-circle sofa that filled the whole room. Nearly all the musicians where on the sofa. Ether reading, chatting or playing on the PS3. The rest where in there bunks.
   'Everyone, I'd like you to meet Georgia! Georgia, this is Lilygreen and Maguire, the Lonsdale Boys, John and Darren, Mark my manager, and you've seen Gavin the bus driver' 
  Georgia shook everyone's hands, exchanged greetings and sat next to Olly near the PS3.
  'You any good at Fifa?' asked John.
  'Errmm.. We don't have to play that, we could....'
   'I do actually' answered Georgia, cutting off Ollys rambling.
   'Really?' Said Olly, shockingly.
   'Yer I'm pretty good as well'
   'Oh we will see about that!' jokes John, 'Im the master on this bus!'
   'I'm a close second though!' Olly, proudly added.
   'You lot want to have a game then?' asked Georgia
    'I'll let Olls play you first then' said John, giving Georgia and Olly the remotes.
   'Wait' Olly said 'One thing first! What team do you support?' 
    'Dont worry babe, Man U all the way'
    'Thank god!'

    They settled down and played and talked for an hour.
   Georgia won 4 games,John won 2 and Olly won none!
   'Thats so unfair, I bet you cheated, how could that, of been a penalty!'
   'Oh, shhhh your moaning ya sore loser!'
   Olly stuck out his tongue and Georgia did the same back. 
   They were now walking, arm in arm, down loads of long corridors backstage, making there way to the stage for the sound check.
    'Haha, come on lovebirds' teased Darren 'Ya gotta let go, we can't do the sound check with you two clamped onto each other!'
    At the same time both Olly and Georgia turned to face Darren and stuck out their tongues. 
   'You guys are so alike its weird!'

    Walking onto the stage Olly sat Georgia on the stage stairs and gladly took his ear pieces from the stage hand. All the other band members got in their positions adjusted their instruments and started to tune their guitars.
   Soon beats where played and notes where sung.
   'Any preferences?' asked Olly
   'Mmm... Surprise me'
   'Ok, let's go guys, Let try Heart Skips A Beat' Olly shouted to the band.
   The identifiable tune started and Olly started the song.
    'I, I can't see, your not, yourself....'
   Georgia couldn't help but giggle and shake her head at the dancing and face pulling Olly is adored for. And soon enough, he had her on her feet and dancing with him.
   When the song ended Georgia was in a fit if giggles. She fell so happy. 
   Wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, they stared out at the all the seats of the empty arena. The band had finished and were heading of to catering for more food. Olly and Georgia were alone except for the odd stage hands messing with wires.
   'I can't believe you play to thousands if people but your so down to earth' wondered Georgia out loud.
   'Its easy really, I just try to forget about things when I'm up here. All my troubles just go away. And when I'm not preforming I pretend that I'm normal. It's like I'm living two lives in a way' Olly explained.
   'What troubles?' Georgia turned to face Olly.
   'Hmm?' Olly looked back.
    'You said, 'All my troubles just go way' What troubles?' Georgia asked again.
    'I...' Olly looked out toward the sea of chairs again.
    'Olly, look at me, please, just talk to me, I promise it helps, I promise I won't tell!'
    'How do you know it helps?' Olly mumbled, staring at the floor near Georgia's feet.
    'If I tell you, will you tell me?'
    Olly looked up into her eyes, he smiled a bit. 'Ok, but you first' 
    'Shall we go somewhere else?'
    'Sure, my dressing room, come on'

  Ollys dressing room was quite normal. No big screen TVs or lots of food. Just a fruit bowl some water and a small leather sofa. They sat on the sofa. He held her hand.
   'So, a couple of months ago, I didn't like my life' stared Georgia, 'I was miserable all the while. I thought it was because my family lives in London but it wasn't. I was just sad for no reason' Olly stiftened at this sentance but Georgia carried on 'My grades at Uni were slipping and I never got out of the house because I didn't like to socialise, therefore my friends kinda, moved on. It sucked. I'd find myself crying and sitting on my window sill with the window open, looking out on the darkness below. It was the lowest point in my life. I knew it wasn't right and thankfully I got help. I was diagnosed with depression. The medication and therapy  really helped and I recovered. It's a mental illness so thats why I didn't know why I was sad. There was no reason! I'm lucky I talked to someone in time otherwise it would be much worse' 
   By this time Olly had relaxed again and seemed like he was in deep thought. 'So thats my story. Whats yours?'
    'I need help' admitted Olly, tears beginning to break at letting reality hit him.
    'I don't know'
    'Do you feel sad and you don't know why?' Olly nodded. 'What else?'
   After listing the symptoms, Georgia agreed that it might be depression.
   'Theres a test they do to see for sure. Lots of people get sad but sometimes it can be worse' comforted Georgia. 
   'Thank you' Olly kissed Georgia on the check. 'Your right it is good to get it all out!'
   'My pleasure babe' Georgia moved up and wiped the water from Olly face. The tears now gone. Olly stared at Georgia, remembering every line and colour of her face and eyes.
   'What you looking at?' Georgia smiled
   Opening up his feelings, Olly said 'I needed you now. Without you I don't know what I'll do. Even though we met today, I can tell we have a lot of time together ahead of us'
   'Oh Olly' Georgia gushed 'I don't know what to say'
    'Don't say anything, just follow my lead. Now where where we? Oh yer' 
   And with that Olly reached up and cupped her face in his hands. He smiled and leaned closer. She did the same.  6cm apart, 5cm apart, 4cm, their eyes closed, 3cm, 2cm, 1cm! The contact of each others lips sent a tingle down both of their bodies. Hairs stood on end. The warmth was luxurious. The smell perfect. The taste heavenly.
   After a few seconds of relishing the first touch. Georgia reached up to wrap her hands around Ollys neck. Olly took this as a sign to move his lips a bit and Georgia responded by moving with him. Small kisses turned to longer ones, which turned to deeper ones and soon enough they were making out like they were teenagers again. 
   Georgia pulled away first. But only because they needed to breath. Panting and looking at each other, they smiled, a genuine happy smile.
   'I love you Georgia'
    'I love you too Olly'
    'Come here' and she did.
  Resting her head on his shoulder they cuddled for a while.
   'You know what?' Olly chucked.
   'What hun?'
   'I guess my wish came true after all! That's if you want to be my girlfriend, I come with baggage you know'
   'It has come true. I'll love to be your girlfriend Olly, baggage and all'
   'You've just made me the happiest man alive'
   Georgia sat up, 'Now my wish has come true'
   'Has it? What did you wish for?'
   'I wished that you would be happy!'
   Olly beamed from ear to ear!
   'Now I'm speechless!'
   'Haha, it's ok'
   'No, wait I have the exact words!' Olly jumped up from the sofa and pulled Georgia out of the room. The band had finished lunch and were rehearsing again. Olly sat Georgia on a box that was at the front of the stage, her back to the seats. Olly grabbed a mic and signalled to the band. A slow piano tune started! 
  'Oh my god, Olly you don't have to!'
 But it was too late he was singing.

'I wonder how you kiss first thing in the morning
Before you go, go to work and your smiling at me
Do you laugh at my jokes, even the ones that you've heard before?
There be times when everything's not perfect, when we fight
Do you say things like I hate you or it's all your fault
Or do you say nothing at all

I don't know who you are
Don't even know your name
I wish we could talk but I don't have a number to call
So hold your hand up if you hear me, I've been searching but all that I
Is everywhere that I go, standing alone in the crowd
Baby your right here in front of me
Am I looking to hard it's hard to see
Oh, give me a sign; I'm starting to wonder if you've lost your way
I've been right here waiting patiently, your late should be right here next
To me
I need you tonight, think of you all of the time

I don't know who you are
Don't even know your name
I wish we could talk but I don't have a number to call
So hold your hand up if you hear me, I've been searching but all that I
Is everywhere that I go is standing alone in the crowd
And I need you now... I need you now

I wonder how you kiss, how you fight, how you laugh, how you smile
All of the time

I  know who you are
I know your name
I know we will talk coz I have your number to call
So hold your hand up if you hear me, I've been searching and now that your here
Please don't ever leave me alone in the crowd
And I love you now... I love you now'

The End <3
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