I Need You Now - Olly Murs

Based on the song I Need You Now. A love story :)


4. The cafe

  The women lead Olly to a nice small cafe a few blocks from the well. It had a wall of glass looking out onto the clobbered road of a side street. Inside were about five tables, all neatly aligned and ready for some customers. The light blue paint and modern lighting made the small room feel bigger than it was.
  Sitting down on a table in the fair corner, the unlikely pair ordered their drinks. Olly had a simple cup of tea, while she had a chocolate milkshake. Olly couldn't help smiling when she ordered. All the girls he ever dated wouldn't go near such a drink. It was all smoothies and water. He liked the change. He could tell she was fun.
   'So?' she stared 'I think we've kinda gotten off on the wrong foot here. I'm Georgia Francis I'm 25 and I'm from Portsmouth '
  'Well I'm Oliver Murs I'm 27 going on 28 and I'm proud to be from Essex' he chuckled.
  'Its nice to meet you too Oliver' She reached over, jokingly to shake his hand. He took it and shook it before he slowly bent down to press his lips just above her knuckles. All the while his eyes locked with hers, looking for a sign of embarassment.
  'It's really nice to meet you Geogia' he rasped.
   'You big flirt!' she exclaimed, pulling her hand slowly away as the drinks had arrived.
   Thanking the waiter he took off his cap and styled his hair. 'It worked didnt it' he winked and her face flashed a deep red. Getting overly cocky, he took a swig of his tea, instantly spitting it out again as the scolding liquid trigged his reflex.
   Georgia burst out in a fit of giggles as he tried to pant out the fire blasting on his tongue.
  'Haha! What goes around comes around!'
   'Oi! Not fair' he moaned
   'Haha, are you alright Mr Smooth Moves?' she joked
   'No, my tongue hurts' he looked up and used his best puppy eyes 'Can you kiss it better?'
   To his surprise she leaned in. He moved to meet her in the middle. She grinned at his eagerness and at the last moment, ducked her head to whisper in his ear, leaving his lips puckered and empty.
   'Gotcha' she said
    God he felt like a idiot! Olly shook his head and frowned. 'Your good, but you owe me that kiss later' he winked.
    'We'll see about that' she said before taking the straw in her lips and almost seductively drank the milkshake.
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