I Need You Now - Olly Murs

Based on the song I Need You Now. A love story :)


3. Relief

All this went on in his mind until she stopped his thoughts by saying,  'Don't worry I'm not gonna tell anyone'
  Relief. He stared to calm down.
   'So, you haven't answered my question' He couldn't see her as he had his head still tucked to his chest so he wearily raised is head to look around him. No one. He turned to face the stranger leaning on the side of the well next to him. 
     Wow! She was stunning! Not modal stunning, more like the girl next door who you have always had a crush on, stunning!
    She had blonde hair, which hung down just past her shoulders. It wasn't styled or dyed but he thought it was perfect anyway. She was wearing patterned tights, dark jeaned shorts, creamy boots and a jumper with a body warmer zipped up over it. But that wasn't what made Olly speechless. It was her eyes!   
    Light blue and wide, her eyes locked with his. He felt a twinge as she looked back. Both there eyes searching each others for a reaction.
   She broke first. Quickly looking down as her face blushed with embarrassment. He loved that. 
   Realising that the silence had gone on for too long he quickly, closed his opened mouth (when had he opened that?) and tried to rack his brain to the answer to her question.
   'Oh, errr.... It's stupid really, but, I, errmm, wished i will find, you no a, errmm.. Girlfriend' he blushed and looked into the water at his own shy expression. Why is he so nervous?
    'Its not that stupid' As she said this she dove into her pockets and pulled out a coin, waited, and tossed it into the deep, man made hole, disturbing Olly's reflection enough for him to look at her again.
    'So errmm..' Get your act together man! He told himself. He straightened up and leaned with his back against the wall, crossing his arms in the process.
   She smiled as she knew what he was doing. This action nocked him a bit. God she had a nice smile, nice lips too! I wonder what it would be like to kiss them lips and .... no! His mouth was open again! Dam it Oliver! Act cool you plonker!
   Clearing his throat he asked 'So what did you wish for?'
   'Oh, I can't tell you that!' she teased 'It wont come true otherwise!'
    He pulled a face, 'But you just asked me what I wished for?!'
    'So? You didn't have to tell me' she winked.
     Oh, no! She was flirting! What did she want? A photo? Kiss? Autograph?Sex? Or a story? he frowned and looked away.
    She sensed his upset, 'Whats up?'
     'What do you mean?' he tried to shrug the question off.
     'Huge superstar, walking about on his own, wearing a, may I say silly disguise, watching couples making out and making wishes into wells. I'm not stupid you know! Something wrong' she explained.
     'I wasn't staring at couples, thingying!' he defended!
     'Thinging?' she laughed. She was laughing at him. 'Can't you say kissing? Or snogging? Or making out?' 
      Suddenly all his emotions came flooding out all at once. Of course his couldn't say that. He needs love so much  'Stop it!' Olly said looking at the floor, a tear in his eye.
     'Oh!....I'm sorry.... I didn't mean to get you upset' She put a hand on his shoulder. He leaned into her touch. He concentrated on that. The pressure.
     'Am I being stupid?' he suddenly asked
     'Oh, no. Of course not hun. I was in the same place as you a couple of months back.... Listen let's grab a coffee and we'll talk, ok?' 
     Olly wiped his eye and looked up and somehow, he knew he could trust her. In any case, he was in desperate need of a chat with someone except his hats.
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