I Need You Now - Olly Murs

Based on the song I Need You Now. A love story :)


6. Olly's POV - Back at the bus

After they had swapped numbers Olly speed walked back to the arena. He snuck back into the building and onto the bus. Darren was the only one wake yet so Olly made up an excuse, saying he thought he left something in the dressing room last night. He seemed to buy the story and they settled down to watch some TV. Olly wouldn't help but let his mind drift off to the mornings events. It seemed like a world away now he was sitting in an expensive, red tour bus, which had all the mod-coms like playstation, TVs, small kitchen, fancy lighting and stereo systems. And thinking about it more, he hated being in his world, not because it was boring or unsatisfiing. It was because Georgia wasn't in his world. He started imagining her now. Her eyes, flowing hair, lips and her voice. He could hear her taking. She was saying his name. Olly, Olly, Olly.
   'Olly!' Olly jumped!
  'Huh?' he said. Darren's voice had snapped him out of his daydream.
   'God man. You were out of it then. Were you lost in fairy land?' taunted Darren.
   'No man, just tired. What you want anyway?' replied Olly, shaking of the teasing.
   'I just woundered if you ate all ready. I'm thinking of getting some pancakes before we move off'
   Ollys stomach grumbled. 'Haha! Does that give you an answer?' joked Olly.
   'Sure does! I'll go wake the sleepy heads up. They'll be fuming if they miss breakfast'
   'Chocolate and toffee for me Dazza!' called Olly, after Darren had got up.
   'No man! You got a diet! Banana and lemon juice for you, I'll keep the toffee for myself!' Darren winked.
   'Unair!' Olly moaned. 'Cant I just have a bit of chocolate?'
   'No ya big baby! Mum orders'
   'Dont use my mother against me D! Come on! Please!' Olly stuck out his bottom lip.
   Darren walked closer, thinking about it. 'Errrmmm.... No!' at that moment he pulled out his phone and took a picture of Olly pulling his puppy face! 'Haha'
   'Nooo!' Olly shot out of his chair and made a grab for the phone. 'No. Come on man, delete it!'
   Darren who was stronger than Olly, held off his squirming body. 'Only if you clean my shoes for a week'
   Olly stopped. He sighed 'Fine'
Darren pressed the delete button and turned to Olly again. 'See you later chubbs!' he winked and made his way to the bunks.
   Olly sat down and listened to the moaning of this band as they were woken from their slumber. He found himself staring at his phone. Wondering when calling Georgia will seem not so desperate. Finaly he had a number to call.
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