I Need You Now - Olly Murs

Based on the song I Need You Now. A love story :)


1. Intro - On tour

Olly Murs -I Need You Know

Olly is too busy for love. His career comes first. It's not like he doesn't have offers but he can't help thinking 'If I wasn't famous they wouldn't be interested'
Don't get me wrong he got sex! He's a guy after all. But none of the girls he 'laid' were right. Just one night stands when he needed the release. Sometimes he wished he was normal. Fall in love with the girl next door, marry and have kids. The perfect dream. But he couldn't even begin to date with all the paps and newspapers printing bullshit about him! I mean, look what happened with Caroline! His girl had to be loyal, so she didn't run of to the magazines to sell her story. She had to be attractive of course but also had a great sense of humour. She had to be able to laugh at her self and get his jokes even though she had heard them before. But most of all she had to like what he does for a living. Because well he loves it and he's never gonna stop! He needs a girl now!

  Olly was in his dressing room about to go on stage at Manchester's M.E.N arena, staring at himself in the mirror. Judging himself. Why couldn't he find her? Why does he always feel alone even when performing in front of thousands?
 His thoughts were interrupted by the knocking on the door.
 'Who is it?' he called
 'Stage call, your on in 10!' said the voice of a tried stage hand. The worker didn't wait for an answer as he heard a knock at the dressing room down the hall. 
 Olly sighed and picked himself up, straightening his suit and checking his hair in the mirror again. After a couple of deep breaths, he was ready to exit the calm room to the busy and panicky environment of backstage. Drifting though the crowds of people who didnt as much as look up as he passed, as all of them were used to him now.
  He met John and Darren by the stage lift he will soon be appearing out of. They were doing the stretches and voice warm up routines getting pumped for another sell out show. Sorry, sell out arena tour! Since coming 2nd on the X-Factor his career has gone from strength to strength. It's never slowed down. That was another reason Olly wasnt in full spirts tonight. We was tired.
  After greeting his backup singers of two years, he joined in with the banter and run though. Pushing his emotions out the way for two hours because his fans. His Murs Army, had payed good money to see him and he won't let his mood stop him from giving them a great show.
    Soon enough, the intro of Anywhere Else was played by his 15 piece band. (he was proud to give a real entertaining performance) He was covered in smoke and lights flashed all around him. The music changed and the tension rose until.... SCREEMS from everyone in the arena! And he was singing!
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