I Need You Now - Olly Murs

Based on the song I Need You Now. A love story :)


7. Georgia's POV - Back at her flat

After Olly had left Georgia, she made her way back to her flat. She couldn't get Olly out of her mind. His hair, eyes, smile, lips, his cheekiness. She laughed now, remembering his silly jokes and pick up lines. How can she miss him already! She hadn't laughed like that in ages! Not since that year...
    After making a pot of tea, Georgia  sat down on the couch and looked at her phone. She wanted so desperately to hear his voice again. The clock on her phone said 12:10. Georgia hoped Olly got back to the arena in time.  She didn't want him getting in trouble because of her. He all really looked like he was on the edge of a break down. She knew because she'd been there before!
   Georgia's mind started to drift off. She thought about the goodbye outside the cafe......


'I've had a really good time. I haven't laughed that much in ages!' admitted Olly
'Same. I needed some banter. My life is so serious'
'Don't get me started about serious lives! I can't go to the supermarket when I run of of milk!'
'Olly, why are you talking about this? Don't you have to go? I don't want to make you late'
'Yer, sorry. It's just, it might seem stupid but... I'm gonna miss you Georgia'
'Im gonna miss you Olly! ... Will we meet up or talk again soon?'
'I really wanna say yer hun but, I've got commitments! I live in a totally different world to you.'
  Georgia looked down at the floor, trying to hide her emotions.
  'Oh babe' Olly saw her upset and wrapped his arms around her. Georgia hugged him back. He smelled so nice. Something so special she couldn't pinpoint it. She loved his sent.
  'I promise I'll see you as much as I can Georgia. I promise' Ollys words and simultaneous rocking soon comforted Georgia. 'I'll tell you what' Olly said letting go with one arm and pulling out his phone. 'Whats your number?'
  After swapping numbers, they embraced again. Olly seeming to be the one sad now. He pulled away slowly and pressed his smooth lips on her forehead. Slowly he moved his head down, so they were looking into each others, watery eyes. 
    Forehead on forehead. He leaned a bit closer. She did the same. Every-time judging each others reactions... There lips where centimetres apart... Suddenly some girls down the road started to laugh. They were walking towards them. Olly sighed, pulled back, snapped his cap on again and kissed Georgia on the cheek.
'Ill call you'
   Before Georgia could answer Olly was walking down the street. Away from Georgia and the giggling teens. His shoulders slumped and he shook his head. She hated seeing him walk away when they had so much to do...

Georgia who was still sat on the sofa. Started to cry.
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