Never Grow Up

I'm writing this story for the fantasy competiton! (The first writing competition I've entered so far! :D).
At the age of 6, Kyra's father walked out on their family. Her whole world felt like it had been crushed inside out.
At the age of 14 Kyra is now discovering more than she needs to, she finds a mysterious, red, firey egg in the woods during one of her hunting sessions. She brings it home and cares for it, it hatches and out comes a ruby red dragon. Kyra looks after it like her own child, keeping the dragon a secret. Until the day when she ran into Drew, the boy who wouldn't hurt fly, but sees the dragon. He promises not to tell, but soon enough somehow the whole kingdom knows Kyra's secret, which brings war.

It seems that the site keeps publishing my drafts for some odd reason, so if you see CHAPTER 3, IT'S NOT FINISHED!

I think it's quite obvious that I'm not going to get this finished before the deadline, but I'm going to keep writting and see where I get.


2. Chapter 2

  "Mum, I'm going out!" I call behind me as I walk through the door.

  "HOLD ON!", I hear the pad of feet running from the other room, my mum appears through the doorway holding Alona in her arms, my five year old step-sister. About eight years ago my mum found a new guy, he was tall, strong, had light brown hair, exactly her type. His name was Chilton, the flower shop boy. They fell in love instantly, my mum's heart was slowly stitching back together again. Chilton eventually came over on daily visits to replant our garden, soon enough he might as well be living with us. He proposed to my mum a few months later, and of course, she had to say yes. Then Alona arrived, a second me, at first I was sick at the idea of having someone replacing me, like as if they had enough of me being around so they spawned a new child to coo over. I eventually got over it and spent most time alone, hunting.

  "Can you take Alona with you to the market? She needs to get out for a while", mum stated, putting Alona down.

  "Sure, okay. What do we need?" I mumbled, taking Alona's hand.

  "We need eggs, milk and... I think that is it?" My mum is in Mumzilla mode, completely stressed, frustrated and under pressure. Some of her and Chilton's friends from the village are coming over for tea for the first time, and you know what they say, 'first impressions count'. My mum is a perfection freak, so this obviously means a lot to her and for us to stay well away in a 2 meter radius. "No wait!- there is something else!", she bangs her fist on her head trying with all her mighty power to remember, she clicks her fingers, "BREAD! We need bread!"

  "Okay, eggs, milk and bread", I walk out the door once again and feel the beat of the sun pouring down on top of me.

  "Thank you, honey! You're doing me a big favour!", she shouts behind us. I sigh in relief, finially I'm away from that mad woman.

  Today is scorching, sweltering and stifling hot. My feet are blistering like wildfire on the rubbly road to the market and the smell. Alona is moaning and complaining like crazy about how it's too warm and wants to go home, I am thankful that I only have to put up with this for another five minutes until we reach the villiage where we can get water from the drinking well.

  Abruptly I hear a sudden thuding noise in the distance behind us. I turn around and look behind me. Nothing. Just a worn out road sinking away. I start moving forward again, it was probably nothing.

  "Kyra, can you hear that?" Alona asks, I can feel her studing my face and squinting from the sun.

  "Hear what?" I reply, wondering maybe if she heard it too. I glance down at her concerned face, flushed from the heat.

  "That noise! The one that's going like Ba-Boom, Ba-Boom. That one!" She whineing now, getting frustrated that I don't understand, but I do.

 Out of no where something rushes past me, a horse on a cart with a mad man jumping up and down by the steering. He stops swiftly to a hault

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