Never Grow Up

I'm writing this story for the fantasy competiton! (The first writing competition I've entered so far! :D).
At the age of 6, Kyra's father walked out on their family. Her whole world felt like it had been crushed inside out.
At the age of 14 Kyra is now discovering more than she needs to, she finds a mysterious, red, firey egg in the woods during one of her hunting sessions. She brings it home and cares for it, it hatches and out comes a ruby red dragon. Kyra looks after it like her own child, keeping the dragon a secret. Until the day when she ran into Drew, the boy who wouldn't hurt fly, but sees the dragon. He promises not to tell, but soon enough somehow the whole kingdom knows Kyra's secret, which brings war.

It seems that the site keeps publishing my drafts for some odd reason, so if you see CHAPTER 3, IT'S NOT FINISHED!

I think it's quite obvious that I'm not going to get this finished before the deadline, but I'm going to keep writting and see where I get.


1. Chapter 1

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT?! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU AND YOUR NEEDIENESS!" Dad screamed, spitting siliva onto mum's horrified and most of all petrified face. This is week 189 of the continous cat fights that have been living in our home, if you can even call it that now.

  I'm hiding in the dark damp corner of our house, the only place where you can stay invisible but see everything in the room wether you want to or not. I sit there solidly while pretending to mindlessly draw pictures in the dusty soil on our floor, trying to block out the screeching noises of monsters that was once my beloved parents a long time ago, so long ago that it seems like a faded dream that was too good to be true.

  "AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO DO NOW?! I'M GOING TO LEAVE", this suddenly stops me in mid-draw of a happy family. I look up at my badly postured parents, my mum with her hands on her hips with strips of blonde lifeless hair falling down onto her face, her face is blushed, her eyes are no longer alive, then there's my dad towering over her, finger pointed, his yellow teeth jagged and shark like, if you blink he might just snap and rip the flesh out of you.

  My dad is now searching the room for any of his personal belongings and pushing them down in his worn out, brown, leather rucksack. My mum is clinging onto him begging for him not to go, my dad is pushing her off almost too harshly like she's a rag doll. I just sit there not knowing what to do, my mum is powerless, my dad is vicious. I manage to make myself to stand up, heart beat pulsing rapidly, I watch my dad walk out the door.

  "AND THIS IS THE LAST YOU'LL EVER SEE OF ME!" My dad shouts out the door, suddenly I'm automaticly running outside into the freeazing cold rainstorm, one foot after the other.

  "DADDY!", I scream towards him locking my arm around his waist, "Don't go.." I plead, sobbing salty tears that flood down my flushed cheeks.

  My dad turns around and kneels to the ground. He places his rucksack onto his shoulder, and one hand onto my shoulder. He shakes it firmly while looking into my eyes and I look into his. His eyes are like dark pools of water that are over flowing rapidly. "Daddy has to go. Mummy and Daddy just don't love each other anymore."

  "Does that mean you don't love me anymore?" I ask, silent tears are flooding down my cheeks, hiden in the rain.

  He hugs me tight, "No no, don't be silly! Daddy will always love you... I will come back for you some day, I promise..", my grip on him gets tighter as he says this. He kisses me on the cheek and then losens his grip. He stands up and turns around, heading for the woods.

  I feel a pair of warm hands sinking into my shoulders, soothing my neck. 'Mum', I think to myself. She holds me tight beside her as we watch a third of our family dissapearing away into the dark woods. I can't think straight, a part of me wants to run after him, but the other part wants to go inside and cry and scream until I fall a sleep. Luckily mum desides for me, she turns me around and guides me towards our home where it's warm and smokey from the fire.

  I walk towards my corner and just stand there silently. I look down to the picture I had drawn, it was a family. A happy family. There was a mummy, a daddy and a little girl. All with smiley faces. I crouch down and wipe the picture away with my hand. Suddenly the happy family is gone, forever.

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