Two Months With Harry Styles

[Completed] Plot Summary: Louis Tomlinson is taken on a family vacation with his mother and her new, hated fiancé. Not wanting to partake in any activities involving his mother’s new fiancé, Louis makes other plans on vacation and falls madly in love with Harry Styles, the boy next door.


11. Sudden Realization


Louis got out of Harry’s car and was hit with a sudden realization. Eventually he would have to leave Harry. He had to return home at the end of August. Louis didn’t know if he could handle leaving Harry, or being left for that matter. He needed Harry and Harry needed him.

Louis walked up to the door, knocking gently as Harry approached the door. His mother opened the door with a large smile. “You’re home!” She cried out in joy, hugging Louis tightly. She let go of Louis and stepped over to Harry, pulling him close.

“Thank you, Harry.” She whispered.

“For him, anything.” Harry smiled, lightly pushing Louis’ mother away. Harry led Louis through the door and into his bedroom. He sat him in the bed and pulled the covers onto Louis. Harry sat on the edge of the bed, gripping Louis’ leg firmly.

“You’re going to be alright.” Harry cooed. Suddenly, Harry began to strip down and get under the covers on top of Louis.

“What are you-“ Harry put his finger to Louis’ mouth, quieting him.

“This will make you feel better.” Harry whispered. He began to kiss Louis’ neck and collar bone, leaving a mark. He continued down until he got to Louis’ lengths. Sliding off Louis’ pajama pants, he teased him with his tongue. He moved it back and forth, sliding underneath Louis’ lengths.

Louis let out a small moan. He hadn’t felt this in a while, but knew it needed to stop. If his body reacted like it had the first couple of times, this wasn’t going to make him feel better.

“Harry I-“ Louis protested, warm precum leaking out of him. Harry looked up and saw Louis’ deep blue eyes. He knew he was conflicted. Louis had one hand on the bed and one gripping the headboard firmly. Harry knew as much as his needs pushed him on wards, he still needed to be kind and respect Louis’ boundaries.

Louis cut in with a suggestion. “Can we have another bath together?”

Harry smiled and led Louis to the bathroom, both of them completely naked.




Louis sat in the tub as Harry filled it with hot water and bubbles. The water prickled at his soft skin, but provided relaxation as well. Harry slipped in under Louis like he had before and let Louis lay on top of him. Louis would look into Harry’s eyes and brush through his hair with his fingers. His soft, brown curls were dirty, but Louis didn’t care. It was Harry.

Harry sat up, forcing Louis to sit in the front of the tub. Harry grabbed the shampoo from outside the tub and squirt it into his hands. He lathered it up and proceeded to place his hands in Louis greasy hair. He moved his hands slowly back and forth, lathering up the shampoo to a bubbly consistency. Louis smiled as Harry propped up his hair, giving him a soap Mohawk. The two laughed about it before Louis proceeded to put shampoo in Harry’s hair, giving him a funky hairstyle as well.

“God we’re stupid.” Harry stuck out his tongue a little bit, flirting with Louis.

Louis shot Harry a sassy grin. “We?” He asked sarcastically. Harry smirked and splashed Louis with water, causing his Mohawk to fall over. Louis returned the splash, leaving Harry’s long hair in front of his eyes. Harry shooed it away and sat way back, opening his legs. Louis sat back too, intertwining his leg’s with Harry’s.

“I was so worried when I had to drive you to the hospital.” Harry said sadly. “I feel like if you hadn’t had met me, your life would be better.” He turned his wet face away.

“My life has completely changed because of you.” Louis put his hand on Harry’s right shoulder. “And in the best way possible.”

Harry looked at Louis and smiled. They both sat up on their knees and embraced, their bodies extremely close. Louis slipped and Harry fell on top of him. They laughed about it, but didn’t bother to change positions.

“I love you.” Harry whispered, “So much.” Louis put his hand on Harry’s right cheek.

“I never thought I would end up with a guy.” Louis smiled uncomfortably. “And I actually thought this vacation would be a dud. But now, I don’t want to leave.”

“Let me come with you.” Harry’s eyes opened wide, his green eyes sincere and warm. “We’ll finish senior year together.” Harry could see Louis was skeptical. “We don’t even have to tell anyone we’re together. It’ll be our secret.”

“But I don’t want it to be a secret.” Louis protested. “I want to tell the world I love you. But I’m afraid.” Louis had tears in his eyes. “I’m afraid.”

Harry pulled Louis close, his strong arms around Louis’ back.  “Everything will be alright.” Harry cooed, his chin resting on Louis’ shoulder. The two stayed in that position in silence for almost ten minutes. Louis could feel the shampoo begin to dry. He went under the water, shaking his head, ridding of all the suds. They floated to the top and Harry dunked under water too. They were both soaked and tired. Harry got out of the bath and lifted Louis out too.

“I can walk.” Louis rolled his eyes.

“Yeah I know.” Harry winked back at him. He was such a flirt. Louis had never met someone who gave him butterflies all the time and could make him blush so easily. He felt safe in Harry’s arms. He felt happy. Not a care in the world. But he knew it wouldn’t last. He was leaving soon. Leaving Harry, the person who made him feel alive and wanted, behind.

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