Two Months With Harry Styles

[Completed] Plot Summary: Louis Tomlinson is taken on a family vacation with his mother and her new, hated fiancé. Not wanting to partake in any activities involving his mother’s new fiancé, Louis makes other plans on vacation and falls madly in love with Harry Styles, the boy next door.


5. Next Stop, Beach Town


Louis woke up the next morning completely naked and sore. He had almost forgotten what events had happened to him yesterday. He couldn’t hear his mother or George in the house, so he assumed they had gone out. Louis slid out of bed and dressed himself in his vintage aviator bombing jacket, a pair of Calvin Klein jeans and his Ray Bands. He grabbed his satchel and his Louis Vuitton wallet and was off.


He decided that he would take the bus into town instead of walking or asking Harry to drive him. Louis walked a mile to the bus stop and pulled out his iphone while he waited. Another text from Walter.

“Hey man! Feeling better? Been to any parties yet? Have you gotten laid yet? Let me know!”

Louis smirked and locked his iphone. Walter probably couldn’t even imagine.


The bus pulled up to the stop and Louis got on. He took an empty seat and placed his bag on the empty seat beside him.

“Next stop, Beach Town.” The bus driver called out. Louis put in his headphones and enjoyed the ride.




Louis arrived in the middle of Beach Town by noon. He hadn’t eaten since Harry’s pancakes and was absolutely famished. The only problem was that Beach Town didn’t have any known restaurants or coffee shops. He’d have to try something new.

Louis walked for a few blocks until he found a place that sold sandwiches and deli meats. He walked into the store and stood in line. People were staring at Louis’ all designer clothes and accessories. He couldn’t help it that all the clothes he got were designer. His family was very wealthy. He looked over and saw a girl admiring his Louis Vuitton wallet from her seat. She had obviously never seen a real one in person.

It was Louis’ turn to order. He decided on a vegetarian deluxe with soy cheese. The sandwich maker scoffed at the order. “Haven’t made that one in a long time.” The man said while scoffing.

“Excuse me?” Louis asked.

“We don’t see pretty boys like you around his town.”

“Obviously not.” Louis lowered his eyebrows. “I’ll have that to go.” He threw a twenty on the counter, not even bothering with change. He went over to the end of the counter and grabbed his sandwich. In chicken scratch printing the words “Pretty Boy” were marked with a Sharpie on the wrapping. Louis left the shop  in disgust. Did he really dress like a jerk?

Louis decided that to fit in, he needed clothes. He walked over to a small men’s store and stepped inside. The lady folding clothes in the front looked stunned.

“I need clothes.” Louis cut to the chase.

“I never would have thought preps like you would ever step foot in this store.” She snapped her gum.

“That’s why I’m here.” She completely understood and led Louis all around the store, picking out clothes and holding them up to him. Louis had never seen so many pairs of skinny jeans in one store. The girl picked out three different colours of skinnies, a NEFF tank top, four belts, a pair of grey and red toms and a few beanies. She shoved him in the fitting room and said, “Let me know if you need another size!”

Louis stripped down and tried on the jeans. They were definitely not his style, but they looked good. The tank fit him well and the toms looked good. He couldn’t be bothered with saying no to anything, so he decided he’d take all of it.

He brought the stuff to the check out and looked up at the girl. “Find everything okay?” She asked with a smile.

“Yeah.” She punched some numbers and a total appeared on the screen. $208.95

“I paid that for a belt once.” Louis laughed. The girl didn’t look too impressed.

“Cash or charge?” She asked.

“Charge.” Louis pulled out his Visa card and swiped. He went to put the card in his wallet when the girl stopped him. She was looking at his wallet.

“Is that real?” She asked with huge eyes.

“Are you so surprised?” Louis asked.

“Can I touch it?” Louis held it out and watched her trace the LV with her long, French manicured nail. “Thanks.” She started to bag up Louis’ clothes and sent him on his way.

“Thank you!” she called, “Have a nice day!”



Louis bused home and shoved his new clothes into his closet. He missed Harry already. It was only 3pm. Louis pulled his laptop out of his bag and put iTunes on shuffle. Poker Face played softly through the speakers. This was the song him and Harry danced to at the party. Louis hardened at the thought. He remembered the way Harry danced against him, occasionally grabbing his ass and thrusting. Louis smiled. He needed to see Harry.

Louis grabbed his iphone out of his bag and searched through his contacts for Harry. When he found him, he pressed dial and waited.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello?” Harry’s soft voice traveled through Louis’ speakers.

“You know it’s me you bitch.” Louis said flirtatiously.

“Of course I do.” Harry said happily. “I’m at a party! Wanna come?”

“Yes!” Louis said happily. “Where are you?”

“The house on the top of the rock. The one where the divers dive from. Follow the music!”

He hung up. Louis grabbed his new tank top, jeans, red toms and a maroon beanie. He sprayed himself with Dolce and Gabana and sped out of the house. Like Harry said, he followed the pulsing music to the top of the rocks.

The house was huge. There were fancy cars parked outside, multi coloured lights beaming from inside and LMFAO’s Shots playing loudly on the speakers. The house thumped. Louis opened the door and stepped in to madness. It was packed. There were girls everywhere, all holding drinks and dancing. Louis needed to find Harry.


He squeezed through what seemed like thousands of people until he found the found the kitchen. Enough liquor to satisfy twenty high school parties sat in buckets of ice. Louis grabbed a Smirnoff and continued trying to find Harry. He eventually found him sitting on the couch with what appeared to be his friends.

“Louis!” Harry said excitedly. “You made it!”

Louis looked over on the table and saw lit cigarettes lying in a bowl. They were joints. Harry was getting high. Harry obviously noticed Louis’ staring and said, “Wanna try one?”

Louis stared at Harry. “What is he talking about?” Louis asked himself.

“Common, it’ll be fun.”


Harry led Louis over to the couch and grabbed a joint. He took a long drag in, filling his lungs with smoke. It didn’t look that difficult. Harry passed it to Louis. Louis put the joint in his mouth and took a huge breath in. His lungs filled with smoke and he was gasping for air. He coughed and coughed as smoke escaped his lungs, then he took a deep breath in, cleaning out his lungs.

“Good job Louis!” Harry slapped him on the back. Louis smiled at the crowd. He had smoked his first joint.




Ten minutes later, Louis had already smoked 6 joints and was really feeling high. He and Harry danced around, feeling like nothing could stop them. They were high as the sky. But their enjoyment was interrupted by a loud call.

“Police!” Cried a voice.

“Shit!” Harry exclaimed, “We’ve got to get out of here.” He took Louis’ hand and slid out the back door of the house. They slid down a small hill and landed on the deserted part of the beach. It was pitch black and Louis’ didn’t know where they were. All he could hear was the sound of the waves crashing on shore and could feel Harry’s soft hand on his.

“Can I crash at your place?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, if we can get there.”

Harry tightened his grip on Louis’ hand and led him down the beach. They walked for what seems like ages and arrived at Louis’ place. Louis quietly opened the front door and to his surprise, George and his mother had already gone to bed.

“Coast is clear.” Louis said, still holding Harry’s hand. They slipped quietly into Louis’ bedroom and locked the door. Louis was still a bit blazed, but he still had a conscious mind. Harry on the other hand, was still blazed out of his mind. Harry started to strip down. When he was completely naked, he started licking Louis’ face and neck.

“Harry,” Louis protested, “I think we should do this at a different time.”

“Why not? Now is a great time.” Harry insisted.

“Harry, you’re blazed as fuck. I think we should do this some other-“

Louis was cut off my Harry’s lips touching his. His mouth tasted like weed and vodka. Louis felt ashamed for doing it, but he kissed back. He couldn’t resist Harry. Harry pulled Louis over to the bed and pulled Louis on top of him. Louis kissed back harder than he ever had before. He felt himself harden and intensified his kissing. Harry liked it and got hard against Louis’ leg. There was no going back now.

Louis pulled Harry off the bed and pinned him to the wall, his backside facing Louis’ front. Louis kissed the back of Harry’s neck and pulled himself as close as possible. He slowly slid himself into Harry using small circular motions. Harry moaned silently in pleasure. Louis continued and when he thought he found the sweet spot, he thrusted in. Harry yelled out in pleasure.  Louis thrusted again.

“Faster!” Harry yelled.

Louis quickened the pace. He was now almost at humping speed and felt himself leak a little.

“I’m going to come!” Louis cried out.

Harry moaned. “Faster, Louis!”

Louis was now at full speed. They were drenched in sweat.

“Ready Harry?” Louis asked.

“Yes!” Harry moaned out in pleasure.

Louis finally let go and exploded inside Harry. Harry moaned in pleasure. Louis pulled out and gasped for air. Harry was still leaning against the wall.

“You are so good.” Harry groaned. Louis stepped back to allow Harry to step back from the wall. Harry slumped onto the bed, not bothering to put pajamas on. He climbed underneath the comforter and looked at Louis with his soft green eyes.

“What?” Louis asked smiling.

“I’m cold.” Harry teased.

“You can’t be cold. Look at you. You’re all sweaty.” Louis pointed out. Harry pouted and looked the other way.

“Oh come on you wank, I’m just teasing.”

Louis hopped on to Harry and rested his head on his chest. He slid under the comforter and under Harry’s arm. The two fell asleep at the same time under the blankets together.






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