Two Months With Harry Styles

[Completed] Plot Summary: Louis Tomlinson is taken on a family vacation with his mother and her new, hated fiancé. Not wanting to partake in any activities involving his mother’s new fiancé, Louis makes other plans on vacation and falls madly in love with Harry Styles, the boy next door.


6. Leviticus 18:22


Louis woke up at around eight o’clock, still under Harry’s arm, his head on his chest. The memories of last night came back to him and he smiled. Harry was still warm against Louis’ skin. He never wanted to let go. But he had to pee.

Louis gently lifted Harry’s arm and slithered out of his bed. He walked over to the bathroom with the functional toilet and lifted the seat. He began to pee and let out a breath of relief. He was still completely naked. He could feel the cold tile on his feet and the morning air brush his warm skin through the windows. He finished peeing and tiptoed as quietly as he could into his room. He grabbed a pair of pajama pants and slid them on.

Louis walked over to the mirror and was horrified at what he saw. The bruises he got from George were now dark purples and blues. The streaks he had gotten from the belt were bright red and had bruising around the edges. His eyes were red from the weed and his under eye circles were the darkest they had ever been. He looked terrible, he felt terrible and he needed to make George pay for what he had done.

Louis thumped down the hall. He could hear George and his mother talking. But when Louis entered the room with his black eye and bruises everywhere. The conversation stopped. Louis’ mother’s eyes widened. George’s did not.

“Oh my god honey, are you okay?” She ran up to Louis hugging him close.

“Yeah.” Louis said dully, giving George and evil eye. George obviously noticed and responded with a question that made Louis jump.

“What was all that yelling last night, boy?” George said smirking.

“Oh George leave him alone!” His mother snapped.

“You are not concerned about your son’s actions last night?” George asked with an angry tone, “Look at his eyes, Jane. They are red. I can smell the weed from over here.”

Louis mother kept holding him. “George, he is not your son.” His mother said sternly, “I will deal with him, not you.” George was taken aback at his fiancé’s words. He grabbed the book on the side table and attempted to throw it at Louis.

“Look at it boy! Leviticus 18:22!” George yelled. George had attempted to throw the Holy Bible at Louis. “I know it was a man, Louis. No woman has a voice that deep.”

“You’re just a creep for listening in!” Louis yelled. He let go of his mother and stormed off into his room. He slammed the door loud enough to wake Harry. He could hear George and his mother arguing about him.

“Oh my god those have gotten worse.” Harry said with a concerned look on his face.

“Don’t remind me.” Louis looked away.

“What’s going on out there?” Harry asked, “Something I should know?”

Louis took a deep breath and relaxed his shoulders. “George heard us last night.” Louis said looking at the ground.

Harry’s eyes opened in shock. Louis continued, “Then he tried to throw a bible at me.”

Harry looked confused.  Louis turned away, tears building in his eyes. “I need some time alone, Harry.” Louis was trying not to choke out tears. “To think about what I’ve done.”

“You’ve done nothing wrong, Louis.” Said Harry, placing his hands on Harry’s shoulders and staring into his sad, blue eyes.

“Please leave Harry.” Louis was now sobbing. Harry obeyed and retrieved his clothes. He slid them back on and opened Louis’ window.

“Give me a shout when you’re ready.” And with that, Harry was gone.


Louis stood in the same position for a while, thinking about Harry. He couldn’t believe how much his life had changed in the past few days. Louis cried until he had no tears left. He sunk into his bed and pulled the covers over his entire body. Louis laid there for hours. He did not eat or sleep, just think about what he had done. His breaths were long and steady. Even when underneath the blanket got unbearably hot, Louis stayed there and breathed. He felt his eyes begin to sink and eventually fell into a deep, painful slumber.




Louis awoke at 4pm, his body completely numb. He had not changed position all night and his bruises were beginning to throb. As he went to massage out a cramp in his shoulder, there was a knock on his door.

“Louis?” asked the calming voice of his mother, “are you in there?”

Louis hadn’t spoken since Harry left and was only able to choke out a mouse like, “Yes.”

His mother fumbled with the door until it unlocked. He could hear her soft footsteps nearing the bed. She sat down and placed her fragile hands on Louis’ cramping shoulder.

“There, there.” She said calmly while stroking Louis’ shoulder. “Everything will be alright.” Louis moved up and rested his back on the headrest. He pulled off the covers to reveal his swollen and bruised face. His hair was greasy and messy. Stubble had started to grow on his face. He pushed the blanket down to his waist and looked into his mother’s soft blue eyes. Her beach blonde hair was pushed back in a top bun and secured with several bobby pins. Strands of hair began to fall out, giving her a younger look. She smiled at Louis.

“I think I’ll make you some soup.” She stood up and walked quietly to the kitchen. Louis sighed and rubbed his eyes. He felt terrible. He hated himself. He hated the way he looked, dressed and even how he behaved. Harry didn’t deserve him.

A few minutes later, his mother entered the room with a boiling hot bowl of soup. She set it on the night stand and put her delicate hand on Louis’ forehead. “You’re not running a fever.” She stated, “But I bet you have a bad case of the blues.” She smiled at her diagnosis. “You know what the best cure for the blues is?” She asked Louis quietly. Louis shook his head no. “Music.” She said with a smile. She left the room for a second and came back with a record player. “Everything sounds better on vinyl.”

His mother blew on an old dusty record and placed it in the holder. She set the needle down gently. The record player played Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel,” Louis’ favourite song growing up. Even though the song didn’t make sense for his situation, the music made Louis feel automatically better. He smiled softly.

“Thank you, Mom.” Louis whispered as he reached over and hugged his mother tightly. He saw tears in her eyes.

“You are the most amazing son any mother could wish for.” She said holding back tears. “I am proud of you, no matter what you choose to do with your life.”

Louis felt tears build up in the back of his eyes. They finally escaped his eyes and streamed down his cheeks and neck. His mother hugged him and stood up to leave. “Feel better soon.” She said. She closed the door, leaving the record playing. Louis whipped his eyes and grabbed the bowl of soup. He took huge mouthfuls. He was famished.


When the soup was completely gone, Louis stood up and put the pajama pants he took from Harry’s and slid them on. He could feel his own dried come in them, but he didn’t care. They smelled like Harry. Louis also grabbed his laptop off his suitcase and flipped it open. He clicked the link to open the movie “Grease.” He watched until he fell asleep, laptop on his lap.




Louis woke up to the smell of sausage and eggs drifting into his room. His laptop was still sitting on his lap with a black screen. He moved it to the other side of the bed and walked over to the mirror. The bruises were still a deep purple and his waist had become narrower. His pelvis bone stuck out more than it ever had before. It made perfect sense though, he hadn’t eaten very much since he got here.


Louis walked to the kitchen and saw his mother in a light pink robe and leopard slippers. “Good morning hon.” She said with a sweet smile on her face.

Louis sat down at the small, two person dining table and lifted his left leg so his foot was on the chair. His mother brought a plate to him and sat one down for herself on the other side of the table. “How do you feel this morning?” She asked, handing Louis a fork and knife.

Louis rubbed his eyes and rubbed his stubble. “Dirty.” He replied.

“Well when you’re finished, take a bath or a shower. You will feel better, I promise.” She suggested.

Louis nodded and scoffed down his breakfast. He was hungrier than he thought. He brought his plate to the sink and thanked his mother by kissing her on the cheek. She smiled and Louis walked to the shower. Once he was in, he could feel the grime melt away. He washed his hair, body and length. He felt squeaky clean and left the shower. He toweled off and walked to his room, towel around his waist. Louis walked over to his mirror and admired his own wet, naked body. Minus the bruises and narrow hips, he felt way better than he did before. He got dressed and grabbed his iPhone. He quickly iMessaged Harry asking him to see him. A few seconds later, he got a reply.

“I’ve been waiting to hear from you! Love to hang! Love you lots! xxx”

Louis smiled and slid his iPhone and his wallet in his pocket. He missed Harry so much.

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