Two Months With Harry Styles

[Completed] Plot Summary: Louis Tomlinson is taken on a family vacation with his mother and her new, hated fiancé. Not wanting to partake in any activities involving his mother’s new fiancé, Louis makes other plans on vacation and falls madly in love with Harry Styles, the boy next door.


3. I Think Those Would Look Better On My Bedroom Floor


Louis walked slowly in the cool evening air towards Harry’s house. He could faintly hear the rhythmic pounding of a Skrillex song. As he got closer, it got louder and louder and before he knew it, he was standing at the door. The party had already started. He knocked on the door but the sound was impossible to hear over top of the music. Louis was about to give up and go home, but he heard a yell from the top window.

“Louis! Up here!”

Louis looked up. Harry was waving at him from his bedroom window.

“I’ll be right down!” he continued.


Louis waited and almost immediately the door flung open. Behind Harry he could see girls in cropped tops and jean shorts dancing with drinks in their hands. Of course when there are girls at a party, there are guys on the sidelines pumping each other up to make a move.

“Come on in!” Harry motioned his arm for Louis to step inside. Harry closed the door and yelled at Louis to come in the kitchen with him. He poured them both vodka lemonades and leaned against the counter.

“You haven’t said I word since you got here.” Harry remarked.

“I’ve only been here for a minute, Harry.” Louis shot back.

Harry realised what he had said and quickly changed the subject. “You look good tonight. I smell Dolce and Gabana on you and that shirt is Yves St Lawrence.”

“Harry sure knew his brands.” Louis thought to himself. His thought was cut off by Harry’s voice. He was yelling, but it barely came out as a whisper.

“But I think those Tommy Hilfiger khakis would look better on my bedroom floor.” Harry said flirtatiously.

Louis was taken aback. Was Harry into him? He couldn’t be. Louis swallowed the entire glass of vodka lemonade. He felt the freezing drink pulse through his veins.

“Do you want to dance?” Harry asked.


Harry and Louis made their way to the living room where the dancing was happening. Harry was dancing really close to Louis. Like, really close. So close that Harry’s leg was intertwined with Louis’. The beats of Poker Face rang in Louis’ ears. He downed another four glasses of vodka while he was dancing. By the fifth glass, Louis was having the time of his life. The song came to an end and people cheered. Someone changed the song to a slow Adele song and couples grabbed each other by the waists.

“This is boring.” Harry slurred, “We should go upstairs and have a chat.”

“Okay” Louis said, too drunk to realise what was going on.


Harry led the way up to his bedroom and lay seductively on the bed. Harry’s room was quite small, with one twin bed and a small brown desk. There were dirty clothes on the floor and a bottle of lube on the end table. A mac laptop poked out from underneath a stack of papers. His room reflected him perfectly. Louis was so drunk he couldn’t even make out where he was.

“I said you would look really hot with those pants on the ground.” Harry said seductively. Being too drunk to comprehend Harry’s hints, Louis stood there and smiled. Harry gave up on the hints and stood up, his body right against Louis’.

“I want to tickle you from the inside.” Harry whispered with a smirk on his face. He began to rub Louis’ shoulder and back. Louis stood there dazed. “What was going on?” he thought.

After a few seconds of sensual rubbing from Harry, their lips finally touched. Harry’s lips were soft and sweet as candy. Louis opened up to Harry and let him explore his mouth. Louis’ arms lifted up to Harry’s back for support. Harry left Louis’ lips and traveled down his neck and to his collarbone. Louis tilted his head up to enjoy the moment. Small moans escaped his mouth.

Harry obviously heard them and placed his forehead on to Louis’. “If you’re moaning now, imagine what you’ll be doing in a few minutes.” Harry snickered.

Harry continued to kiss every inch of Louis’ body. When they were finished, Louis started to take off his shirt and pants. Harry followed. Louis noticed how defined and muscular Harry’s abs were. He put his hand on his stomach and traced the definition. Louis felt himself harden. Harry smirked.

Harry moved his land to Louis’ waist and slid his finger inside his Calvin Klein waistband. He loosened them and slid them off to reveal Louis. Louis’ underwear fell to his ankles and he smiled. He copied Harry’s moves, trying to be as sexy as possible. When Harry’s underwear were off too, they both stared at each other and smiled. They stepped in close and their bodies touched once again. Even for being completely naked, Louis loved how warm Harry was against him. They began to kiss again until Harry hit the edge of the bed and fell onto it. Louis followed by sliding on top of him like a snake. Harry pushed them both up farther so their whole bodies were on the bed. He flipped Louis around so he could feel his butt on his crotch. Harry grabbed the lube on the night stand and squeezed a generous amount into his hands. He slid under Louis’ butt and covered himself in it.


Louis was so hard on top of Harry. Harry obviously noticed and grabbed Louis’ chest, preventing him from moving away. Louis prepared for the pain when Harry entered him.

“Oh you’ve gotten so tight.” Harry moaned.

“Faster.” Louis gasped.

He felt Harry slip completely inside him. Louis felt himself get really tight. Harry thrusted upwards, lifting him and Louis off the bed for a second. Louis continued to moan as Harry kept thrusting.

“Are you almost ready?” Harry asked Louis, sweat dripping down his face.

“Almost there.” Louis choked out.

It didn’t take five seconds for Louis and Harry to come together. They both moaned and whined in pleasure. When the pain began to increase, Harry pulled out, leaving Louis stretched and empty. Louis lie on top of Harry and tried to catch his breath. Harry loosened his grip on Louis’ chest and sunk into the bed. Louis rolled over onto the bed and sunk into Harry, spooning him. Harry wrapped his arms around Louis’ waist softly. Louis rested his arms on Harry’s forearms and closed his eyes. Everything was perfect.


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