Two Months With Harry Styles

[Completed] Plot Summary: Louis Tomlinson is taken on a family vacation with his mother and her new, hated fiancé. Not wanting to partake in any activities involving his mother’s new fiancé, Louis makes other plans on vacation and falls madly in love with Harry Styles, the boy next door.


13. Epilogue


September came and Louis and Harry started the school year together as seniors. They had tons of friends and attended lots of parties. Louis couldn’t believe that Harry had left his family for him. Harry had gone and rented a small apartment near Louis’ school, so they could see each other often. George had given up on the fact that Louis was with Harry and stopped beating him entirely. His mother had supported their relationship from the start, and for that, Louis could never be mad at her. As long as he had Harry, the world was perfect.


Harry and Louis kept their relationship a secret until graduation, sharing a quick kiss for the camera. People weren’t stunned, instead congratulating them on a good school year. Even though Walter didn’t talk to Louis after he found about the secret relationship they had, he never held a grudge. Louis and Harry could finally move out and go to college together. Their life was headed in the right direction.


Louis remembered the envelope his mother had left him back on the island. He cut it open to reveal his parent’s divorce papers and a handwritten letter from his mother. Apparently his mother had ended it because his father was caught cheating with Louis’ babysitter Cadence when he was six. It explained why his father had left them and eventually married Cadence, who was almost twenty years younger than him.

He moved on to the letter.

My Dearest Son Louis William Tomlinson,

We have gone through a lot as a family in the past few years. My decision to continue to date George burdens you, but be sure that I am in good hands. George makes a large income and treats me like a princess. I’m sorry you have had to watch our arguments in the past, but know that one say you may meet someone and eventually learn what it’s like to have conflict with people you love. Whoever you choose to be with, I will always support your judgement, even if George does not.

Please know that regardless of any mistakes you and I may make, I will always love and cherish you as my son. I will always try to help you as much as I can with anything. Just tell me. I’m always here for you, even though it seems like I’ve chosen a life with George. Your father would be proud of you for what you have done and the decisions you will make.

I love you so much. Never forget that.



Louis was in tears. He had realized how his mother would always be there for him and would never let her down. There were so many things he had learned from her and Harry recently that he could fill a book. Many books honestly. They had taught him so many important lessons, maybe not even knowing that they did.


Now that Louis was an adult, George could no longer discipline him. Louis knew they could never get along, but knowing that his mother felt safe with him was all that mattered. His mother was such a kind person and always knew what she was doing. He never had a doubt in his mind that she would make the wrong choice.


Harry continued to be treated for AIDS and endured many vigorous hospital visits with a crying Louis at his side. Harry believed that every time Louis saw him in the hospital, he thought of the worst possible outcome. Harry would fight as long as he needed to so that he could stay with Louis forever. He would constantly hold his hand and tell him he was going to be okay. Although it comforted Louis in the moment, Harry knew that Louis was constantly concerned for him. Everything was going to be alright though. It always turned out the way it was meant to. Deep down, Harry knew that Louis knew that. They cared about each other so much and Harry wasn’t going to let go of the thing he loved most in the world. The whole reason he hung on to life was Louis. Louis Tomlinson.


The End 

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