Two Months With Harry Styles

[Completed] Plot Summary: Louis Tomlinson is taken on a family vacation with his mother and her new, hated fiancé. Not wanting to partake in any activities involving his mother’s new fiancé, Louis makes other plans on vacation and falls madly in love with Harry Styles, the boy next door.


4. Breakfast In Paradise


Louis’ eyes shot open. He had no idea where he was. Around his chest was a muscular and defined arm. He was sleeping in a twin size bed with another man and either of them had any clothes on. Louis untangled himself gently from the arm and sat up on the edge of the bed. His clothes lay in a pile on the floor across from another pile of clothes.

Louis walked over to the mirror and was shocked what he saw. He saw his naked self, with bloodshot eyes, a swollen butt and a bruise on the back of his leg. His hair was extremely tangled and he smelled like lubricant. Louis glanced over at the bed and recognized the face. It was Harry. All the details from last night flooded into his memory.

He remembered dancing and drinking. He remembered how cute Harry looked when he danced on him. He remembered the feeling of Harry’s lips on his and the feeling when they finally had sex. He remembered the smell of the lubricant and Harry’s muscular body. He had slept with Harry Styles.

Louis turned back to the mirror and sighed. He wasn’t a virgin anymore. He put his underwear and pants on and headed to the bathroom.

Louis was still wobbly and couldn’t really make out why he was still here, or even why he hasn’t had left before he was in this mess. He splashed his face with cold water and walked back to the bedroom. When he arrived, Harry was awake, sitting upright with a part of the blanket covering his lengths. But that was it.

“Leaving already?” Harry asked without making eye-contact. Louis didn’t know how to respond. They stood there in silence for a moment until Harry spoke again. “Well you’re welcome to stay and have breakfast.”

Louis pondered for a minute. He should leave, his mother would be worried.

“I mean, its’ not a lot, but I’ve got to repay you somehow for last night.” Harry added.

“Was I really that good?” Louis asked himself.

Louis decided to take Harry up on that offer. He nodded and Harry got out of bed to retrieve his clothes. He threw them in the laundry basket and grabbed a pair of pajama pants from the closet.

“Need to borrow some?” Harry asked. “We look like the same size.” He winked. Louis felt himself start to get hard again and immediately shook off the thought.

“That would be awesome of you.”

Louis and Harry changed together and proceeded downstairs to the kitchen. The house was pretty messy, but Harry said he had that covered. He pulled out a chair for Louis to sit down and motioned with his hand to sit. Harry chuckled and moved to the stove. He got out flour, baking soda, eggs and other ingredients. Louis watched him cook and admired his defined facial features. Harry noticed Louis was looking at him and smiled. He turned back to the cooking and finished off the last steps.

“It’s ready.” Harry said smiling. He brought a plate of pancakes to Louis and set one a place beside him. Harry sat down and intertwined his legs with Louis’. Louis shifted but he didn’t move his legs away. He smiled and started to eat. Harry followed and soon they were done.

It was a few minutes before anyone spoke.

“Thank you for coming to the party last night.” said Harry. “I had a lot of fun.”

“Me too.” Louis said quietly. “Do you need me to help you clean up?”

“No, I’ve got someone coming in to clean the place. I paid for it don’t worry,”

Louis looked disappointed. He wanted to stay with Harry even if it meant having to clean. He got up and turned to go back upstairs, but he felt Harry grab his hand. “What are you doing tonight?” Harry asked.

Louis smiled. “Hanging with you.”

“Great.” Harry said while winking, “See you then.”



Louis grabbed his clothes, but didn’t bother to change into his normal pants. He left Harry’s house with a sigh. He walked until he saw the familiar royal blue windows and stepped up to the door. He hadn’t even thought of how mad George was going to be. He put the key in slowly and entered the house. Sure enough, George was standing a few feet from the door.

“Where have you been?” asked George angrily.

Louis didn’t respond. Any answer would get him in trouble.

“Answer me boy.” George commanded.

Louis just stood there. He saw his mother with tears in her eyes sitting on the couch, tissues everywhere.

“Your mother and I were very worried about you.” George’s tone got angrier and angrier as he spoke. “We’ve been here for two days and already you’re running off!”

Louis could see the fury. He couldn’t try to escape. He just stood.

“Why won’t you say anything!?” George moved right up to Louis’ face and belted him with his hand. The sharp pain hit Louis with a shock. He fell to the ground and leant up against the wall.

“How dare you leave your mother with no information of where you were?” Another slap came to the face.

“She was worried sick!” A kick came to the stomach. Eventually, George stopped talking, but continued to kick and slap Louis. George slid his brown leather belt off and proceeded to whip Louis on the shoulders and arms. His mother sat in tears on the couch while George proceeded to beat him until Louis tasted blood in his mouth. After the last and strongest belt to the neck, George stopped.

“That should teach you for what you’ve done.” And he walked over to his crying mother.

Louis couldn’t feel his legs or his hands, but he knew he had to stand up. He pushed himself up and locked himself in his room. There were dark red streaks across his face, shoulders and chest. He couldn’t let Harry see him like this. Louis felt weak and stumbled over to the bed. He lay there looking at the ceiling, feeling the pulse in the places George had hit. He couldn’t take it and eventually fell asleep.




Louis woke up to a knock at the front door. He assumed George and his mother had gone out so he grabbed his black, long sleeved Abercrombie and Fitch sweatshirt and zipped it all the way up. He also put on the hood so his face was covered.

He opened the door to Harry, who asked, “Why are you in that long sweater? It’s 90 degrees outside.”

Louis led Harry into his room and took off the sweatshirt.  Harry was stunned. Louis had red blotches and lines on his face, shoulders and parts of his chest.

“What happened to you?” Harry said very concerned.

“My step father George happened. He got angry I wasn’t home last night.”

“I am so sorry.” Harry said, “this is my fault, I should’ve let you leave.”

“It’s not your fault.” Louis said.

“Well, I brought you your iphone, you left it at my place.”

“Thank you!” Louis said.

“We should clean you up.” Harry suggested.


They both walked over to the bathroom with the tub and turned on the hot water. Harry added bubbles and got Louis to undress. The bathroom was an older Victorian style with a claw foot tub and old greyish wallpaper. There was a small sink in the corner and a toilet that didn’t work. Harry put the seat down and sat on it, observing Louis.

When the tub was full, Louis stepped inside. The hot water almost burned his tender skin.

“Easy, easy.” Harry stood up and helped Louis inside. Once inside, Louis could feel the heat rising from the tub. It was very relaxing.

“Anything I can get you?” Harry asked, searching through a medicine cabinet.

“No.” Louis replied.

Harry walked over to the tub and grabbed Louis’ arm he splashed a bit of water on to him and with a boiling rag, cleaned where Louis was hurt. He did this with Louis’ entire body. When Harry was done, he turned around to go sit on the toilet seat again. Louis wanted him near him.

“Harry,” Louis said, “Will you come in?”

Harry knew exactly what Louis meant. He undressed and slipped into the tub beside Louis. Louis floated up and Harry moved towards the middle, letting Louis sink back down on top of him. Louis rested his head on Harry’s strong chest and traced his left nipple with his index finger. Harry smiled and kissed Louis gently on the forehead. “Everything will be fine.” Harry assured Louis, “You have me now.”

The two lay in silence inside the tub until the water was cold and all the bubbles disappeared. Harry pulled the plug with his toe and watched the water drain. There was nothing left in the tub besides Louis and Harry.

Louis got out and Harry followed. “We should put you to bed.” Harry suggested. He carried Louis to his bedroom and laid his wet, naked body on the bed.

“I have a present for you, Louis.” Harry said as he slid on top of Louis.

“Oh really now?” Louis flirted.

“Yeah, I think you’ll really like it.”

Without another word, Harry pressed his lips onto Louis’. Their kissing became more passionate as Harry slid his legs apart, falling onto the sides of the bed. He pushed Louis father up the bed so that his back was against the head board. Harry gently scooted Louis’ legs apart and bent them so Louis was completely revealed. Harry slid his face in between Louis’ legs and covered Louis lengths with his mouth. What he couldn’t reach with his mouth, he had in his hand. Moving his head back and forth, Harry was making Louis harder than ever.

Louis put one hand on the bed and one into Harry’s hair. He closed his eyes as moans escaped from his mouth. The moans intensified as Harry sped up. Louis was almost there. He felt himself leak a little, then finally explode into Harry’s mouth. Harry swallowed and pulled his mouth off Louis’ length. He slid on top of him and looked into Louis’ deep blue eyes.

“How was that?” Harry asked smiling.

Louis had almost settled down, but the feeling was still there. He managed to choke out a “Good.” And Harry smiled sweetly.

“I thought so.” He winked.

Harry slid off Louis and slumped onto the other side of the bed, his hands folded on his stomach.

“When I first saw you standing at my house looking at nothing,” Harry began teasing, “It was like I had known you all along.”

“I thought you were the most attractive guy I’d ever seen.” Louis added.

Harry turned onto his side to look at Louis. “You are the nicest person I have ever met in my life.” Harry remarked. “I don’t deserve you.”

“What are you talking about?” Louis asked surprised.

“You deserve a pretty girl, with gorgeous eyes and a soft smile.”

“Well you have all of that, except you’re not a girl. What’s the difference?”

Harry looked like he was about to tear up. “Don’t ever leave me, Louis.” He said whispering, ‘I need you.”

“I need you too.” Louis whispered back. Louis flipped onto his side and embraced Harry gently. “This could work.” Louis thought to himself, “I love him, but how do I show him?”

Their thoughts were interrupted with the slamming of the front door. Louis could faintly hear his parent’s voice traveling towards them

There was a knock on the door. “Louis, are you in there?” His mother’s sweet voice chimed.

“Shit! Hide!” Louis hissed at Harry. Louis slid under the covers and said, “Yes come in.” in the most tired voice he could make. His mother entered and looked into his eyes. “I’m not mad at you for last night alright?” She whispered.

“I know Mum, I’m not mad at you either.” Louis put his hand on her shoulder.

“Good.” She smiled and kissed him on his cheek. “I’ll let you rest. See you in the morning.”

“Night.” Louis said. He waited until the door was closed and leaned over to the other side of the floor where Harry was hiding. They both looked at each other and laughed.

“I put my number in your phone.” Give me a call sometime.” Harry said smiling. And with that, he climbed out of Louis’ window onto the street. 

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