Two Months With Harry Styles

[Completed] Plot Summary: Louis Tomlinson is taken on a family vacation with his mother and her new, hated fiancé. Not wanting to partake in any activities involving his mother’s new fiancé, Louis makes other plans on vacation and falls madly in love with Harry Styles, the boy next door.


1. A Summer Home



Louis Tomlinson glanced over at his ringing alarm clock. 5:30am. It was the day him and his family were leaving for a summer home they had rented of the coast of England for a “family” vacation. Louis couldn't believe he had to spend 2 whole months with his step father and his mother.


"Louis!" cried his mother, "are you awake yet?"

Louis stood up and rubbed his eyes. He was wearing nothing but his boxers.

"Yes." he yelled down the stairs.

"Well hurry up! We don't want to miss the ferry!"

Louis stumbled into the bathroom and undressed. He showered, brushed his teeth and got dressed in about 10 minutes. A new record.

"Louis!" his mother yelled again.

"Coming." he said.

He grabbed his bags and headed out the door. This was going to be the worst summer of his life.






Louis sat in the cramped car with no air conditioning with his arms crossed. He didn't want to be here.

"Oh cheer up." said Louis' step-father, George.


Louis said nothing the whole ride.


After 2 hours of driving, the family arrived at the ferry. Only two months. He could handle it.





The ferry ride was long and exhausting. There was nothing to do. In the background of his blaring music, he could hear George and his mother chatting excitedly. Louis never understood why his mother was so attracted to George.

He had a developing beer belly and the face of a mule. He would yell and beat his mother for the smallest things, yet, she still loved him. Louis' mom was a kind person. She had shiny brown hair and gorgeous chocolate eyes. Her complexion was perfect and wasn't a pound overweight. She was the nicest human Louis had ever met. George didn't deserve her. No one did except his father.


Louis had a great relationship with his father. Growing up, he was supportive and was always there to help Louis when he was in need. Louis still didn't understand why his mom filed for divorce three years ago. She was already engaged to George and they had only been dating for eight months.


Louis' thoughts were interrupted by George's annoying voice.

"Are you excited kiddo?" he asked.

Louis could see George was trying to pretend that they were a perfect family going on vacation. Not going to happen.

"No, George." Louis said coldly.

George and his mother exchanged confused glances. Louis threw his iphone down and started walking towards the bathroom. He needed some space. He walked over to the mirror and turned on the water. He gripped the side of the sink with his hands and took a deep breath.

"Everything will be fine." he assured his tired reflection.



Louis returned to his seat not saying a word to George and his mother. They all sat in silence until the ride was over.


The boat docked and Louis followed his mother and George to a bus that was supposed to take them near their summer home. The bus ride was 3 hours and it smelled like piss. When they finally arrived, Louis saw an amazing sight.

George had rented a beach side, two floored home, with white paint and a veranda that went all the way around the outside of the house. The doors and the window panes were royal blue and patio furniture sat outside. Louis was in awe. He ran into the house and found a bedroom facing the ocean. It had a double bed, a small end table, a set of drawers and a shelf full of books. It was simple, but it was the room Louis never had. As much as he hated saying it, he loved it.

Louis took the rest of the night exploring the house top to bottom. He looked through all the cupboards, drawers, and closets and even under all the beds. He examined everything in the house. Tomorrow, he would explore the island. The whole island.


By the time Louis was finished looking at everything, it was 11pm. He felt awfully tired from a day of travelling and decided to call it a night. He changed into his Iron Man pyjama pants and fell asleep the second his head hit the pillow.

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