Forever in your arms

This about how to love and and leave sum friends behind


1. Finding love

it was 10 p.m. When you were waiting for your friend to pick you up, to go to a nightclub. Your friend texted you saying, "I'am out front gurl! ".. You got up checked your makeup, made sure you had your phone with you. When you came out your friend yelled at you "Hurry up Payton! "... You ran to your friends car as you said "I'am coming Mariana! hold your horses! ". By the time you got to the nightclub it was 10:36 pm. You hoped there was still a few boys left! you were the only girl out of 3, that was Boyfriend less. Mariana had Brooklyn, when they were little they were really close! Ashlyn, had Mate, which she met also at a nightclub. You were good friends with both Brooklyn and Mate. You finally got to the nightclub and you got out and a few girls gave you a little dirty look. You just smiled and kept walking! you got inside the club with Mariana by your side.
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