Eternal Love

I put this in "Other" because I don't really know how to classify it. It's sort of a romance, but if you read it one way it could also be a supernatural story. I'd be interested to hear how people interpret it :)


1. Eternal Love

As I take his picture down from the wall, I notice how he still smiles back at me despite everything that has happened. I don’t tear it, but I put it into the bin under my desk. After all the arguments, I know that now he has left me for good. He isn’t going to come back now. But no more black, no more crying. He doesn’t need me now and I don’t need him.

         “Besides,” I think as I skip downstairs and out of the front door, “I have someone new now, Marcus. Someone who I know will never run away from me.”

         He is waiting for me at the bottom of the lawn as always. The sun, unbroken by clouds in this beautiful sunset, gleams on his dark, dark hair. I fling my arms around his slight frame as he collapses into me. I smile, knowing he loves me. I hold his pale face in my hands, hardly daring to believe his beauty, and kiss his cheeks. Then I pull his arm around my shoulders and lead the boy back into the house and up to my bedroom.

         He doesn’t want a drink, so I quickly make one for myself. When I return, he hasn’t chosen which film we should watch, trusting me to pick something good. “Not like you, always wanting your own way,” I think. I put on a romance film and sit back on my bed next to the boy. He lays his head on my shoulder and lets me hold his hand in the romantic bits, the way you always said was too melodramatic. I see the moonlight glisten on his hair as I kiss it and, once the movie ends and we’re just sitting together, the only other sound is a tiny bird tweeting outside my window.

         He wants to stay over, having nothing in particular to do tomorrow, and of course I don’t want him to go home just yet. I put extra blankets on the bed because the heating isn’t working properly and he feels cold. I’m cold too until my head is on his chest. Then I have never been happier.

         Until, in the morning, I realise that I have left the curtains open and the cold sun comes streaming in. And then I look at the body lying next to me, the body that they buried at the bottom of the garden a month ago, and realise that Marcus never left me at all.


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