Letters By Heart

Tennyson Mason is a 15-year-old girl with a difficult life. Her family doesn't have much money, and her dad abuses her. Sonny is not very popular and she is definitely not a supermodel. But only one thing cheers her up--listening to One Direction, the popular boy band that doesn't know she exists. But when she takes a chance and writes to them, she never thought that her life would turn around. Is it all to good to be true? Or is this love life, which she never dreamed existed, meant to be?


6. Unexpected

Tennyson P.O.V

Alright, getting the letter from One Direction was extraordinary enough. But I never thought them sending me tickets to their signing would be so special. I looked at the date that was printed on the stiff tickets. Friday the 29th. Today was Tuesday. Immediately, two things popped into my head. 1- How on earth do they expect me to get London, and 2- where am I supposed to stay? Two out of the five apparently had a thing for me - my stomach turned and fluttered with butterflies, as it still hadn't sunk in completely - and they thought I would just come for the day! I shook my head, before searching in the big envelope, just to make sure, and sure enough there were hotel reservations to a five star hotel apparently down the street from where the signing will take place, and plane tickets for two people that left on Wednesday afternoon at 1:00pm. That meant a 7 and a half hour flight. Oh well, this would be my first time on a plane so I didn't mind. I took out an old backpack from my small, concealed closet, and started packing some clothes. I didn't have to pack much, just a few outfits for a few days. It took some mental debating, but I decided to take my only dress, a plain black one with straps that I got at a nearby thrift store. I was almost done packing my makeup, when a terrifying thought struck me. What if I wasn't allowed to go? My mother would probably let me, she'd see this as an amazing experience and would be incredibly happy for me. But my father wouldn't be that easy. In fact, I don't even think I should even try, because the answer will 100% be no. Might as well add a punch or two in there. There was only one option. I'd have to leave without anyone knowing. But, remembering what I had promised Lilia, I knew I had to take her. I instantly texted her the plan, hoping she would agree. Sure enough she texted me back, saying she was definetely going. I smiled. That girl would be up to anything.

I had gotten my parents (well mostly just my mom) to agree for me to spend the night at Lilias. As I kissed her goodbye, I couldn't help but think this may be the last time I see her in awhile. I was almost regretting this decision, but I couldn't stop now. I left the house and walked to Lilias, which was a 5 minute stroll from where I lived. When I was walking up her front steps, the door opened, letting me in. I grinned and stepped in the doorframe, to see a smiling Lilia in her sweatpants. She had told her parents that we were spending a few nights at a friends cottage. They surprisingly agreed straight away. We layed awake all night talking and making up scenarios of what would happen when we met one direction. Finally, around 2am, Lilia began to doze off, so I got comfortable and closed my eyes. I was nervous for the signing. What would they think of me? They haven't seen me before, what if they don't like me? Dispite my doubts, I managed to fall into a peaceful sleep.

Lilia and I woke up and basically sped to the airport. We had plenty of time, but we didn't want to risk anything. The flight was lovely, it was a small plane, but with first class atmosphere. I alternated between listening to One Direction and sleeping. My thoughts lingered to home. What would my mom be doing at the time? She probably thought I would be spending another night at Lilias. I hope my father wasn't taking his anger out in her. I sighed and checked the time. For me, the flight couldn't be any longer. When we arrived in London, there had been a limo to pick us up and escort us to our hotel. A bit much for a girl you barely knew, but I didn't mind. When we finally got all our luggage set in our room, it was 9:15. Lilia complained that she was hungry, so i decided to head across the street to a bakery I saw.

"Okay, be safe!" I heard Lilia scream at me from the living room.

I rolled my eyes, "Thanks mom!" I said sarcastically.

She stuck her tongue out, and went back to the TV.

I borrowed Lilias raincoat, noted the heavy downpour that had just started. I gazed out the window, before heading down 5 floors to the lobby and our the door. As I walked to the cross light, I couldn't help but notice the accent that everyone was speaking with. I thought it was incredibly cute. The light turned green for me, so I started walking across the intersection, thinking about how the accent would be so much cuter on the boys. I couldn't wait to meet them. For a few milliseconds, there was just the sound of rain hitting the pavement, before the screeching and squealing of tires deafened my ears. I snapped out of my thoughts and raised my head to see a car sliding uncontrollable across the intersection. Headlights blinded my vision, before I felt the cool pavement sliding underneath my body. My head throbbed, and there was a pain in my left thigh that was undescribable.

"Someone call 999!"

"Get her out from under that car!"

Faintly, I head sirens wailing in the streets. My vision started going black, and my thigh pulsed severely.

"We're losing her, get an oxygen mask!"

The pain was absolutely terrible, all I wanted was to stop it. I tried to scream for somebody to help, but no sound came out. The last thing I saw was a blonde haired boy on the corner of the street, standing away from all the chaos, looking worriedly at me with extraordinary blue eyes and biting his bottom lip, before I slipped away into unconsciousness.


Sorry for the crap chapter, it's legit 4:00am and I couldn't fall asleep.
Please comment and give tips xoxo love you all xoxo

I'm gunna go get a snack now, I'm starvingggggggg :0 xx
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