Letters By Heart

Tennyson Mason is a 15-year-old girl with a difficult life. Her family doesn't have much money, and her dad abuses her. Sonny is not very popular and she is definitely not a supermodel. But only one thing cheers her up--listening to One Direction, the popular boy band that doesn't know she exists. But when she takes a chance and writes to them, she never thought that her life would turn around. Is it all to good to be true? Or is this love life, which she never dreamed existed, meant to be?


5. The Article.

I was at Lilias house when I found it. We decided to go on the Internet and search for the latest One Direction gossip.  The latest search that came up was their interview a few nights ago. We decided to check into it, so we clicked on the article.

"One Direction's Harry Styles and Niall Horan Both Go For Same Girl?"

Lilia and I exchanged glances, and kept reading.

"On Wednesday night, Britain's hot boy-band, One Direction, had an interview with Ronny Philips in Time Square,  New York, where the boys were asked to give directioners a check up on their life. Louis Tomlinson, the oldest of the 5, explained that he and Eleanor were continuing on their love life, and had a candle-light dinner the night before. Liam Payne or "Daddy Direction" told us that he and his girlfriend, Danielle, had indeed moved in together, but he feels bad because she is mostly there alone. But the most interesting love life was Niall Horans and Harry Styles, who, last time we checked, were not dating anyone at the time. It started with cougar-magnet Harry explaining the letters they have got from fans around the world. He blurted out that, even though he hasn't even seen this girl yet, he was falling for her through her writing. When we asked our Irish lad, Niall, how his letters went, he explained that he had received a letter that was particularly special from the rest. He mentioned that it was written on a brown paper bag, from Ontario, Canada. He told us the letter mentioned how this special girls life went, and how she wanted nothing more than to meet them. He thought it was quite sweet, and he had indeed, taken a liking into her. Meanwhile, while Niall was dreamily blurting this out, Harry was silent, something that he never is. The interviewer confronted him about it, and Harry reluctantly said that he and Niall were talking about the same girl.  When we asked what this special girls name was, they both answered in unison: "Tennyson Mason". Well directioners, you better start up your Internet, because we are all curious about this lucky girl!"

My eyes were glued to the screen. This must be a dream. Lilia was looking at me with a horrified expression. I turned slowly towards her, avoiding her gaze.  I didnt know it was going to turn out this way. So not only did Niall remember me, but Harry did too. They said they were interested in me, or was that just a lie? 

"eh hum" 

I looked into her eyes, feeling queasy. Would she be mad? She was wearing a scowl on her face. Lilia crossed her arms before speaking again.

"Tennyson Rayne Mason. You lucky girl," she said, a smile slowly creeping up on her face."Why didn't you tell me you wrote to them? I was thinking about it, but then the deadline came up so I decided not to. I cannot believe you actually wrote to them. More impressing, I cannot believe Niall freaking Horan and Harry freaking Styles saw it. Did they write you back?!"

I was shocked but I just decided to go with it.

"Um, yeah, they did. Well he did. Niall, I mean, he wrote me back saying that is was great to get my letter, but I think they all said that."

"And then what did you do?" Lilia pressed on.

"well, I wrote them a thank you note. I'm sure they got a ton, so it wasn't as embarrassing."

"And then?!"

"And that's it, they didn't write back. Arg I don't know what to do! Lilia, your my best friend, tell me what to do, please?" I pleaded, hoping that she had all the answers.

Lilia hesitated before answering.

"Okay, I'll tell you what Sonny, how about you check the mail tonight, and if you don't get any letter, then write another one back to them. And make sure you use a brown bag!" She told me, her words becoming a blur with the speed at which she was speaking.

"Are you sure? Don't you think that I will seem annoying? I already have their attention, who knows when I'll get it again, so I don't want to lose it."

"It'll work, trust me," she said, "but I have a catch. I can help you throughout this amazing, dreamlike process, but you have to promise me something. Promise me, that if you ever meet One Direction, take me with you! And if you ever get close to Liam, introduce me to him. Just don't you dare steal him!"

I pretended to ponder and consider this offer for a few seconds, before agreeing.

"Of course I would bring you, stupid! Your like, my best friend in the whole wide world!"

After staying for dinner, which was a real treat for me since my dad rarely lets me go out, I rushed back home, which was a few blocks down. Luckly, ever since my first letter from One Direction, I had kept a spare mail key in my bag that I always carried around. I turned the corner to the mailbox and opened our little door. I searched through the little amount of mail we got until I reached the bottom. No letter. How could they do that? Just ignore my letter, and surprise me with this interview. I mean, don't get me wrong, I feel so incredibly special that they mentioned me, I still feel like I'm in a dream, but at least write me back saying you received the god damn letter. I felt humiliated, and on top of that I have 60 million some girls trying to stalk me. Thank god for my lack of Internet use.

*~*~*NIALL'S P.O.V.*~*~*

"Aw crap, the letter got held up in Toronto." I muttered to myself, after finding out by tracking it online.

As soon as I got home from the interview in New York, I went straight to the study, which was at the back of our "den". I wondered why Tennyson didn't write back to us, so I decided to write to her. I managed to coax some people into giving me tickets for our signing. They must have thought I was crazy, desperately trying to get tickets for my own signing. I included them in my letter, which asked if she would like to come, and most of all, I asked if she saw the interview. I had sealed the envelope, with the letter and tickets inside, and told Paul to bring it down to the postal service to mail it.

"Dude, it would work so much better if you would just email her." Zayn stated, who had just walked behind me.

"Yeah, that would be great, except I can't find her anywhere. She has no twitter, no Facebook, her name isn't anywhere on the Internet!" I answered harshly.

Zayn backed away, holding his hands up in a mocking defeat, before twisting around and heading out the door. I felt bad instantly, it wasn't like me to lose my temper, that was usually Harry. But this was stressing me out, as I couldn't find this Tennyson girl anywhere. It was almost like she's vanished.

*~HARRY'S P.O.V.~*

I woke up to the sound of Niall muttering about how his letter to Tennyson was stuck in Toronto. What a wimp. After a few seconds I heard Zayn ask something, in which Niall shot back an answer.
"Yeah, that would be great, except I can't find her anywhere. She has no twitter, no Facebook, her name isn't anywhere on the Internet!"

Of course I already knew that. As soon as I got her thank you note, I went online to trace her, but, like Niall, I ended up with nothing. I heard the back door slam shut. Probably Zayn. He wasn't one to stick around a hopeless case.

I stood up from bed, checking the time on the alarm. Crap, I slept in till one. Thank god for our day off, otherwise I would have been toasted. I decided to get something to eat before I start the day. Maybe I'll do something with Lou today. I was about to head out the door, before something caught my eye. I turn back to my mattress and pushed Tennysons thank you note abit more under it. I pulled the covers down so it covered it, and went out the door with a clever smile plastered on my face.


Thanks again for your love and support I really appreciate it! I'm turning more confident every time I write :) please tell me what you think about it! And mention like stuff that happens, I want to now exactly what people are thinking! Ask questions :) and of course, advice is always best <3333
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