Letters By Heart

Tennyson Mason is a 15-year-old girl with a difficult life. Her family doesn't have much money, and her dad abuses her. Sonny is not very popular and she is definitely not a supermodel. But only one thing cheers her up--listening to One Direction, the popular boy band that doesn't know she exists. But when she takes a chance and writes to them, she never thought that her life would turn around. Is it all to good to be true? Or is this love life, which she never dreamed existed, meant to be?


2. Taking Chances

"Haha and remember when we were watching Friday The 13th and Noah jumped on me frm behind?!"

"oh my gawsh that was so funny. You like practically shit your pants!"

I smiled, remembering when my older brother, Noah, decided to try and scare us by jumping from behind. It was such a failed attempt, but I knew Lilia liked it.

Tiny, Lilia and I were swinging lightly on the jet black swings in the park, talking about the good times we've had. But not before long, the conversation moved on to One Direction and their latest gossip.

"Did you hear about Danielle and Liam moving in together?" exclaimed Lilia, with a slight pout on her pretty face. Lilia is every guys dream girl. She's light, airy, carefree. She has pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, her polish genes shining through her every emotions.

"Who hasn't? It's like, all over twitter." said Tiny.

Me, not being able to go on the Internet, obviously didn't have twitter, or Facebook, or any of the social networking sites that everyone loved. I always felt left out, but I put it behind me. Now wasn't the time to be moody. I put on a smile.

"They're really cute together, I'm so jealous" I said "I want a relationship like that"

But when Lilia shot me a look I added "but you would be cuter with him, don't worry" which she smiled at.

"Oh my gosh, it's already 6:20?! I need to get home for dinner, sorry guys!" exclaimed Tiny, jumping down from the swing, "I'll talk to you guys later, k?"

Lilia and I nodded, then parted ways. As I hesitantly strolled back home, I thought once again of meeting the boys and how lucky they are to have everything. I wandered off into my thoughts, creating scenarios where I would meet them and there would be a spark, just like all those fanfics go. I was so deep in thought, I almost walked past the mailbox, which hung the poster. I sighed audibly and took another look at the colorful paper. Underneath the boys, it read "TAKE A CHANCE-SEND ONE DIRECTION A LETTER IN THE MAIL, BETWEEN MAY 25th--APRIL 15th!!!! THEY ARE WRITING BACK TO SOME LUCKY ONES! HURRY!"

Well, today was May 28th. Maybe I could-

No, don't Sonny, I thought to myself. They won't answer. They probably already have millions of letters by now. The probability of them writing me back was equivalent to the chance that a silver unicorn would appear in my backyard. Regretfully, I shrugged it off, not wanting to ponder the choice any longer. I jogged around the corner to the house, praying that I would get inside without my dad noticing. As I opened the door, I heard footsteps, but not the heavy clunking ones of my father, but rather the soft, light sound that my mother makes. I felt a sigh of relief flood through me. My mother understands me completely. She handed me a few heated Pogos and smiled tiredly. I smiled back, and ran up the stairs, two by two. When I arrived in my bedroom, I plopped down on my bed and checked the time. 6:45. I nibbled on the Pogos, before laying back, kicking my Pumas off, and closed my eyes.


I was running. Running as fast as I could, in the middle of the street. Some cars were zooming past, as if in a hurry, and they had no intention to stop. I screamed to them, but I knew it was hopeless. The threat behind me was still unknown, so I turned around and saw my father bursting his way through some bushes on the side of the road. I was trapped, with nowhere to go. Sensing this, my father stopped, and grinned evilly at me. That was when I saw the silver gleam of an object in his hand. It finally sunk in. He wanted to kill me. Suddenly, a jet black cars slide to a screeching stop in front of me, and the door to the backseat opened. I took a chance, fleeing away from my father as I practically jumped into this unknown car. It wasn't until I looked up, that my heart skipped a beat.

I was staring at the back of Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik.

Strangely, the whole car ride was silent. We pulled up along a deserted street and they helped me out of the car. Then, with Zayn's hand on the small of my back, they both guided toward a shabby looking shop with cracked windows. It wasn't until we reached the door did Louis say something.

"Should of taken the chance."

I processed that for a moment, but in the end, finding no meaning to it at all. Louis flashed me a smile, before opening the door. There was a bright flash then everything was gone.


I woke up with a start. What the hell was that about?! I glanced over to my wooden desk across the room. Was that what Louis meant? Taking a chance to write to them? I rolled my eyes. It sounded to cheesy and dramatic. Heck-that messed up dream I just had was cheesy and dramatic. But then, all those stories about people following their dreams, and I wondered, would that work for me?

No sonny, that only works in movies, I thought to myself. I sat, pondering on the thought of actually writing to one direction. It would be a wasted effort, no doubt, because they 100% wouldn't write back. But then again, no one would know about this, so it won't be as embarrassing. I checked the time, seeing that it was pretty dark out. 2:48am?! Strangely, I felt wide awake, so I got up and walked to my desk. I sat down on the creaky chair and got out a pencil. I rummaged through my drawers, but I could find no paper. I was definitely not leaving this room. So, I settled on a brown paper bag, just like the ones you would find on airplanes for people to puke in. I took a breath and started writing.

I took a chance.
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