Letters By Heart

Tennyson Mason is a 15-year-old girl with a difficult life. Her family doesn't have much money, and her dad abuses her. Sonny is not very popular and she is definitely not a supermodel. But only one thing cheers her up--listening to One Direction, the popular boy band that doesn't know she exists. But when she takes a chance and writes to them, she never thought that her life would turn around. Is it all to good to be true? Or is this love life, which she never dreamed existed, meant to be?


11. Playing Dirty

While the boys were doing the signing, the girls and I chilled out in the club house. We talked about clothes, what we do, watched some tv and talked about the guys. Out of all three of the beautiful girls infront of me, I was most jealous of Eleanor. She was super pretty with the body and girl would want and she was very gracious and nice. Too nice. Too perfect. These types always struck me as suspicious, like they were hiding something, and just putting on a mask to make everyone like them. I didn't know her well enough to confirm this. I liked Danielle and Perrie, as it looked like they had attitude. They aren't perfect, pretty close, but not perfect.

The signing lasted three hours. When the boys finally bursted through the door, we were sprawled across the couches, comfortably talking. They looked as though they had been running for three hours. Harry was absolutely exhausted, leaning his hands on his knees, sweat pouring down from his curly hair, his eyebrows furrowed together. Niall ran straight to the mini fridge and pulled out a cold slice of pizza and wolfed it down. Louis, Liam and Zayn went straight to their partners. They muttered a small "hello" to me and Lilia. Harry plopped down beside me and drew a deep breath. I looked at him and snickered, as he flashed my a wink.

Nialls P.O.V

I watched as Harry and Sonny struck up a conversation. I badly wanted to do something about it, but I decided not to play dirty. Not against Harry. This is all a game to him, and if I pulled the wrong string, he would make sure he got Sonny. Zayn and Perrie were buried in their own conversation. Liam and Louis were talking, while Danielle and Eleanor were standing together texting. Liam seemed to be convincing Louis of something, and Louis was shaking his head no. Lately, Louis has been unsure of Sonny, but right now I didn't care. My thoughts were interrupted when i saw Lilia heading towards me. I was going to acknowledge her, but not before she shoved me urgently into the next room.


I'm actually soooooo sorry about not posting, you must hate me! I'm sorry for the short chapter, I'm sorry about ignoring this story. It seems like everytime I try to write a chapter, something gets in the way. ��Like, I actually feel horrible. I promise I will write more, at least one chapter every week, for starters. Homeworks a bitch, schools a bitch, tenth grade is a bitch. Like you care, but whatever. So ya, how is everyone? Comment, like, favourite, all that jazz.

Sorry again for not posting in forever �� forgive me?
Much love from Canada's Capitol <3 xx
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