Letters By Heart

Tennyson Mason is a 15-year-old girl with a difficult life. Her family doesn't have much money, and her dad abuses her. Sonny is not very popular and she is definitely not a supermodel. But only one thing cheers her up--listening to One Direction, the popular boy band that doesn't know she exists. But when she takes a chance and writes to them, she never thought that her life would turn around. Is it all to good to be true? Or is this love life, which she never dreamed existed, meant to be?


7. Not the way I wanted It to go

I groaned tiredly and rolled over on my side. Bad idea. Immediately, pain shuddered throughout my body, waking me up entirely. I yelped and struggled to get up, only to make it worse on my ribs. A tear escaped my eye and I whimpered.

"I think you should just stay still for now, or youll hurt yourself more."

I looked around for the source of that voice, finally laying my eyes on a boy on the right of my bed. He had kind brown eyes and brown hair and I struck him as recognizable, although I couldn't put a finger on it.

"Who...who are you?" I asked hesitantly.

I look of surprise carried across his face.

"Well...I'm uh I'm Liam Payne, from One Direction" he said, keeping his eye contact with me. "You know, the boy-band?"

I racked my brains and suddenly it all came back. Writing the letter, getting the signing tickets, running away with Lilia, the rain and the unforgettable screeching of tires. I looked up at Liam once more, to find him looking at me with his eyebrows raised. Perfect, my first night in london, I get into an accident. Who knows what I look like right now? And this wasn't the way I wanted my first meeting with One Direction to be like.

"Oh, of course," I stammered, "um but one question. It's not like I don't want you here or anything, but any particular reason your in my hospital room?"

"I thought you'd say something like that." He chuckled, "But I think I better tell you the whole story before." I nodded.

"Well, Niall and Harry insisted that you came to our signing after finding your...letter, or paper bag. So when we found out that your plane was landing, our brilliant Niall couldn't contain his excitement, so, of course, he decides to go and see if you got there all right. And, of course, he doesn't tell us that he was going. He saw you and your friend get out of the limo, and then when you came out to go to the bakery, the accident happened. He says that the car just slipped on the pavement and crashed into your left side. Then apparently all hell broke loose so he called and told us to meet him at the hospital. When we got here he explained everything. Haha, boy was Harry furious with him! Anyway, Niall actually went to take a nap, so I offered to fill in and keep an eye on you."

Throughout his story, I was silent. The events kept on replaying in my mind.

"And Lilia? Is she okay? Does she know?" I asked.

Liam smiled, "Yes we notified her as soon as we knew everything. She's a very...outgoing girl, I must say."

I chuckled, of course she would be, especially in front of Liam.

Nialls P.O.V

I yawned as I stretched my arms. Sleeping on the chairs in the hospital was really quite uncomfortable. I got up and walked to room 116, which was the room Tennyson was currently resting in. The door creaked open as I peeked in. The first thing I heard was her laugh. Oh her laugh! It was beautiful, almost like music to the ears. She was having a conversation with Liam, but fell silent as I opened the door a little wider.

"Hey mate, your up!" exclaimed Liam, "I was just telling Tennyson the whole story."

She smiled, "Oh honestly, call me Sonny, please."

"If you insist, Sunshine!" teased Liam.

I smiled as I walked towards to bed, "You two seemed to be getting along good" I said.

Sonny glanced up at me, and I felt a jolt running through my veins as we locked eye contact.

Sonny P.O.V

Okay, I officially have two incredibly hot One Direction boys, in my hospital room. Liam is so sweet and understanding and mature. I'm glad he's the one I woke up to. But when Niall came in, none of that mattered. His eyes were more incredible in person.

"So how are you feeling Sonny?" he asked, his eyes showing extreme worry.

"I'm fine, just a little sore" I replied, shifting my weight to the center. Instantly tears started forming in my eyes. Niall buried his face in his hands.

"I guess I'll go fetch the doctor to tell him your awake" Liam suggested, as he stood up from the chair beside my bed, in which Niall took his place.

"That doesn't look fine, love." Niall said, raising his head.

My inner fangirl was going crazy as I heard his accent. I struggled to keep my face relaxed, and my heartbeat down. Unfortunately, the monitor wasn't on the same page as me, as the beeps increased noisily. I'm sure Niall heard, but he didn't say anything.

"Um, really, I'm fine, just.." I trailed off.

"Just...?" Niall pressed on.

"Why me?" I asked.

Nialls face immediately turned hurt, and he stood up from the chair with his hands clutching his head.

"I know, I'm so sorry, this is all my fault. Ugh I'm so stupid, just putting you in danger
Iike that! I can't do anything right these days! I invite you here and you get seriously injured." he carried on.

"Niall...Niall...NAILL! I swear I didn't mean it like that! This is not your fault, not at all. Don't you dare blame yourself. I wanted to come. I just meant, why was it me that you picked? I'm not anything special." I barged in, before he could continue.

His expression softened. "Sonny, you are incredibly special. I'm not sure what it was, but something about you. And now that you're here, in front of me, I realized how beautiful you are as well. You're everything I'm looking for."

Just then, the doctor strolled in with a smile on his face, accompanied by Liam.

"Hello, Tennyson, I'm doctor Johnson. I'm glad to see you awake, how are you feeling?" he asked me, pen and clipboard in hand.

"Okay, my left thigh is just abit sore, and my ribs kind of hurt." I said.

Doctor Johnson nodded, scribbling something down on his clipboard. He looked up at us, before saying, "Now Tennyson, while we were patching you up, we noticed some bruises running along your arms. And grip marks on your wrists. Is that something I should be concerned about?

I widened my eyes. Right now, my hospital dress thing was hiding most of the bruises. I took a deep breath.

"No doctor Johnson, I actually did a mini Spartan race at my school about a week or two ago. We had to climb walls and all while we were soked in mud." I said, glancing down at my wrists, "My teammates needed a tight grip to help me get across particular opstacles."

Wow, even I was surprised at myself for making that lie up. My best class at school was always drama. I looked at Niall and Liam, to see them both looking at me with wide eyes. Dr. Johnson nodded and once again, scribbled on his clipboard, before thanking us and leaving the room.

"So where is everyone, Liam?" Niall asked, without breaking eye contact with me.

"Well, Zayn said he was visiting Perrie until 2, and I seem to remember Louis storming out here, so Harry followed. I have no clue where they are now. And I'm pretty sure Lilia went to get us McDonalds, so she should be here any minute."

I frowned. "How long was I asleep?"

"Well the accident happened around 9:20pm, and you've been here all night. And right now it's...1:15pm." said Liam.

"Aw, you guys should be out and all, it looks like its actually a pretty good day today" I noted, nodding my head off towards the window at the side of the room.

"Nonsense, Sunshine!" exclaimed Liam, sounding like an old man, "We want to know more about you, but let's wait until Lilia comes back with the food."


When we heard the news about Tennyson being hit, we all basically teleported to the hospital. When she was being checked out in the operation room, Niall was crying on the floor like a baby. Honestly, he hasn't even met her, why is he crying. I was jealous that he was out the that night. That he got the first look at her. But I decided to ignore it, I was way to worried about Tennyson. I leaned my head back against the pearl white wall. I heard a sigh. I looked over and saw that it was Louis. I rolled my eyes, Louis has been in a bad mood all day. Maybe something was up with Eleanor. I'd have to ask him about it later. I leaned back and closed my eyes.

Next thing I know it's morning. I check the time on my iPhone - 12:30pm - and the only person that I can see is Louis.

"She's perfectly fine, she's just asleep." he told me roughly. Okay, obviously not any mood change throughout the night.

"Where's Niall?" I asked, hoping he wasn't with her.

"He just went for a nap, the nurse told him he could use a vacant room" Louis said.

Irritation filled my mind. Of course he would get a bed to sleep in. My neck cramped from slouching while I was sleeping.

"What about Liam and Zayn?" I asked.

"Liam is keeping an eye on her, and Zayn went to see Perrie. Now honestly, stop asking questions" he said through his teeth.

"What is up with you?! You've been so moody these past days, like whats your problem?"

"My problem is that we're wasting time on this stupid girl who you guys don't even know her. You and Niall have been drooling over her since you got her letter. I'm sick and tired of it!" he shouted, jumping up on his feet and storming out the hospital door.

I rolled my eyes and followed him. He ended up sitting at a bench at a park around the corner. I watched him throw his hood up and put sunglasses on so that the fans didn't recognize him. I did the same and walked up to him.

"Aw c'mon, where's the Louis I know?" I said softly. Louis's mouth twitched.

"I just have a feeling abut this girl, like she the one." I said.

"You say that about every girl," Louis said, rolling his eyes, "and your not even dating her yet!"

"What do you not like about her? She hasn't even spoken to you yet."

"She's distracting you AND Niall from our career. She just wrote you a single stupid letter and you act like she's the Queen!"

"I don't even know why Nialls trying to get her, he doesn't stand a chance with her anyway."

"Harry, you get every girl, and well Niall doesn't. But neither of you should be going for this girl, she's trouble."

"Once again, Lou, you don't even know her!"

"And neither do you! I just want you guys to focus more on singing."

We surveyed each other for about ten seconds. Geez he sounds so much like Liam.

"Shit, I sound like Liam!" He said.

I chuckled, "Yeah, mate that's pretty bad."

"Yeah, we'll I'm going back home to shower." he said, standing up from the bench.

"Alright Boo Bear, love you!" I said jokingly.

Louis smiled before walking down the path to the car. I stood up and walked back to the hospital to see Tennyson. When I asked if she was awake, they told me to go right in. I opened the door to find Niall and Liam beside her, having a laugh. I twing of jealousy hit me, but I shaked it off. As I strolled over to the bed, I took in how wonderfully georgous Tennyson looked. She looked even better with her eyes open. She had brown eyes, but they were dark, almost like dark chocolate.

"Hey beautiful" I said to her, giving the classic Styles Smile. "How are you feeling?"

She smiled, "Pretty good, just a little sore. This wasn't exactly how I imagined it would be when we would meet."

I chuckled, "Hey Niall, can I talk to you for a sec outside?" I asked Niall.

He narrowed his eyes but obliged. I indicated to Tennyson that we would be just a minute. He followed me out and as soon as the door closed, I turned around to face him.

"Louis wanted me to tell you that he thinks you're slacking off our career." I told Niall. His mouth popped open like an "O". "He also wanted me to tell you that he thinks you should lay off Tennyson, because he thinks you'd get too distracted.

"You just want her all to yourself." Niall said.

"It's true, even ask Louis. I actually know how to balance singing and having a girlfriend."

"Shut it Harry. What is everyone's problem? The only people that haven't bickered at me for weeks are Liam and Zayn. But Zayn's just never there, and Liam's too nice. You know what, I'm going home!" Niall practically shouted, before storming past me to the door.

I felt sort of bad, but I had to do it. Besides, half of what I said was true. I opened the door again to find Liam chatting with Tennyson.

"Hey, sorry Tennyson, I haven't even gotten to introducing myself!" I said with a chuckle.

"I think I know who you are, Harry. And call me Sonny."

We smiled at each other for a long moment. Liam got up and left us alone, probably noting that Niall was no where to be found.

"So, sonny, tell me about yourself" I said, wanting to know more about her.
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