Letters By Heart

Tennyson Mason is a 15-year-old girl with a difficult life. Her family doesn't have much money, and her dad abuses her. Sonny is not very popular and she is definitely not a supermodel. But only one thing cheers her up--listening to One Direction, the popular boy band that doesn't know she exists. But when she takes a chance and writes to them, she never thought that her life would turn around. Is it all to good to be true? Or is this love life, which she never dreamed existed, meant to be?


1. Out the door

I slammed my door hard, making sure my parents heard it. I was tired of them raging at me for every single thing I do. This time, it was because i changed the channel when my dad was watching motocycle racing. Looking down, with tears threatening to fall, I saw the mark of a tight grip on my left wrist. My father, once again, had lost control. And I, once again, had gotten another scar to prove it.

I decided I needed to cheer myself up, so I grapped my old iPod nano and my earphones and put on "What Makes You Beautiful". I sat back on my lumpy bed, listening to the lyrics.

"Don't need makeup, to cover up. Being the way that you are is enough"

Well in my case, I would need some cover up for my scars. That was part of my daily makeup routine. I considered myself as not-very-good-looking, with my plump lips, and huge butt. My waist was normal- thank god, and I had blonde hair with natural highlights. But with scars and bruises running up and down my arms, nobody really wanted me as their friend at school. I had two friends, Seretiny and Lilia. Everyday I got gawked at by the popular kids, because of the bruises, but these two were always there by my side to defend me. The three of us are hardcore directioners. Lilia loves Liam, and Zayn was Tiny's favourite. I don't really have a favourite because to me, they are all so talented and beautiful. Just flawless.

Suddenly, a loud buzzing shook me from my thoughts. I looked down at the pink phone my mom had gotten me a year ago for my birthday. I knew it costed a fortune, especially for her. Out of my family of 6, she's the only one that has work. And living with 4 boys, that precious money usually went to food.

"Hey sonny <3 want to hang today?

I smiled at my nickname she gave to me while we were in grade 4, when we first met. Tiny said it matched my attitude, as apparently im always happy and smiling. I do try to keep it that way, so no one suspects about my daily horrors. Only Tiny and Lilia knows. Tiny was pretty tall, with thick brown hair and eyes. She could seem shy to the people who didn't know her that well, and she was pretty clever, always popping up everywhere.

I texted her back:
"Sure thing hun, let's meet at the park in 5?"

As I waited for her response, I perked up my makeup, making sure to cake some cover up on my wrist, and grabbed my little brown bag I carried with me everywhere. When I got her text, I came out of my room, down the stairs and stealthily slide out the door. As I walked around the corner of my street, and past the mailbox, something spotted my eye. It was just a poster of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, the 5 hottest guys you ever knew existed. I sighed, thinking about how I could never meet them, with the type of money I had at the moment. It wasn't fair, they didn't even know I existed. I sighed audibly once again, and continued on my way to the park.

If only I had read what it said under the poster.


Okay guys, this is my first fanfic EVER so I know it's not that good, but I'm still learning, so maybe the later chapters will be an improvement, just stick with me! Also any tips or comments are greatly appreciated!!! Actually though, tips, tips and more tips are going to make my life. Just no mean stuff aha :) thanks again <3

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