For 15 and older sexual themes
Every couple gets 2 chapters


4. Picnic

Zayn's P.O.V

I really felt bad for Eleanor, I could tell she was holding back tears behind that smile. After about 20 minutes we come out of the water and dry off. Perrie comforts Eleanor while Louis is holding her hand. He searched on the internet what happened. "Either jellyfish or a crab." Louis reported. Eleanor sighed and asked, "How can it heal faster?". Louis typed and said, "Rest should relax it. Maybe try walking on it, but not in the sand it could get infected."  The rest of us are either on our phones or drying off. "I'm hungry any-" "YES!!!! PLEASE FOOD!" Niall interrupted me. "How about a picnic?" Harry suggested. "Sure!" Riley agreed. "Should we just keep our stuff here?" Danielle asked. "Sure. Eleanor and I will stay and wait." Louis said. We walk up and make some sandwiches.  I made a turkey sandwich for me and Perrie and wrapped them in a paper towel. She got some chips and walked back down to the beach. "Oops! We forgot the drinks! I'll go get some. What do you guys want?" I ask. "I'll have a beer." Louis says. "I'll just have water, please!" Eleanor called. "What are you having love?" Perrie laughs. "I'm having a beer, I guess." I replied. "Then I'll have a beer!"  I walk up and Liam helps me carries the drinks down. Everyone sits down and we start a conversation.


Perrie's P.O.V

I grab some chips and put them on my plate, "Woah! Big wave!!" I yell. A huge wave splashes up to the wooden boards on the dock. We are sitting in the gazebo altogether. It is awesome, all of us bonding even more. Laughing, talking, joking, hugging and playing. We are having a great time so far and I wish this moment would never end. 

9:00 P.M 

Perrie's P.O.V

Me and Zayn are cuddling on the couch watching re-runs of reality TV shows. Time passes and we head upstairs. It is about 11:30 here but really late in England. We change and he kisses me while walking towards the bed slowly. I pull his shirt off and wonder why he even has one on. I giggle at my thoughts and he smiles at me. He lays down on his stomach and looks at me. I rub his back for awhile, he turns over and pulls me closer. Eventually, I am on top of him, he is kissing my neck with a little mix of cuddling. Zayn digs his head into my neck and we fall asleep. zZz



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