For 15 and older sexual themes
Every couple gets 2 chapters


3. Injured

Zayn's P.O.V

"Good morning love" Perrie says. "You're awake? When did you wake up??" I asked. "5 or 10 minutes ago. You?" "Early I got woken up by the waves. The wind was bad last night." I kiss her and I pick her up and ran downstairs I put her on the couch and went to get us some tea. No one else is up so we go sit in the gazebo. I kiss her on the cheek and she gets up. "Where are you going?" I asked. "I am going to get dressed!" she giggled and I smiled. "Good morning" Liam said. "Good morning Liam." I go inside and see Louis and Eleanor up too. Harry is making everyone eggs and sausage. I see Perrie walking down the stairs with a beautiful sun dress on. Riley is watching TV and Niall and Hannah are getting ready. "After breakfast do you guys want to go out to the beach?" Liam asked. Everyone agrees and Danielle comes down. "Good morning love!" Liam says. We all sit down at the table and eat. Afterwords we get our bathing suits on and head down to the beach.



Perrie's P.O.V

I head up to my room and get changed, "Can you hand me the sun screen?" Zayn asked. I squeeze some out onto my hand and rub his back. "Cold! Cold!" he laughs. I apologize and laugh. He puts some sun screen on his stomach and we switch. He puts sun screen on my back and I put some on my stomach. We grab our beach chairs and head down. We meet Niall and Hannah there which followed everyone else coming down. Zayn picks me up and runs to the water, I scream and he goes onto his knees, I get splashed with waves and he puts me down. Harry suggests going deep in the water. We go into about waist deep. I squeeze Zayn's hand as I get pushed back from the waves. He pulls me back and puts his arm around my waist. Niall splashes us and we start a fight. All of us splashing each other and laughing."Ouch! Louis!" Eleanor jumped. She hurt her foot but how? He carries her out and lays her down on a towel. I run to them to comfort her. "On my foot!" I look and its a bite of something. Louis gets ice and a bandage wrap. He wraps it up and kisses her. I give our chairs to Louis and Eleanor to sit on and rest. Eventually all of them come running up asking if she's ok. They take their towels and sit with her. We start talking about what we should do later on. "Maybe we can go to the beach!" Niall jokes. Liam and Danielle go down to the shore flirting with each other. "Go ahead down! Don't worry about me. I will read!" Eleanor insists. We run down and play with the waves. 

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