For 15 and older sexual themes
Every couple gets 2 chapters


1. Flight

Riley's P.O.V 

I sit down next to Harry and kiss him on the cheek. We are waiting at the airport with the boys and their girlfriends. "Flight #16 is now boarding!" we hear over the intercom. The boys start chanting, "Bahamas! Bahamas!" We give the manager our tickets and we get on. We all sit with our boyfriends and get comfy. I look behind us and its Zayn and Perrie, we are on the left side and on the right is Liam and Danielle, in front of them is Louis and Eleanor, Niall and Hannah are in front of us. Luckily its a private section of the plane so we don't have to sign as many autographs and worry about things getting stolen. Louis screams, "LIFTOFF!!" and we all laugh. It's 11:00 P.M so we are pretty tired from waiting all day.


Harry's P.O.V

Riley is cuddling with me and talking about what we should do. We gladly all have our own room in the beach house so we can sleep with our girlfriends alone. I kiss Riley and she kisses back I gently kiss down her neck then stop. I pull her closer to me and she holds my hand. I look out the window and she is looking at the little TV on our seat in front of us. The flight felt like days but it was actually 8 hours. I can't fall asleep so I hold Riley while she sleeps trying not to wake her up.




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