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just read the story it isn't finished so...


1. Just arrived


“You cannot be serious!”  We pulled up outside the big … well I’m not sure what it is. It’s supposed to be a school but looks more like a jail- it even has bars over the windows.

“Out you get darling” she rolled her tongue on the g and opened the door Poppy’s side of the car. As Poppy climbed out the car she kissed Poppy on the cheek and picked up her bag and handed it to her.  Then she walked round to my side of the car and opened the door. When I made no attempt to move she looked at me and rolled her eyes.  “Victoria” she raised her eyebrows and grabbed at my arm. “Look its your fault you and Poppy are here and you know it.” She pulled me out the car and slammed the doors and Jeffrey our chauffer clicked the doors shut before I could climb back in.

To be fair it was my fault me and Poppy are here. Poppy’s my sister, generally we get on well. But  earlier this year when I pushed mum over the (not literally) well... It started when mum got a new job, you see she changed.  She became… more sophisticated and posh. Since then she found a boyfriend and made us move house. We moved to the country side, a house two hours away from dads house.  One with a gym and swimming pool so Jack her new boyfriend could move in. It became all about him. Mum and dad split up when mum was pregnant with Poppy. He moved to the other side of London we saw him twice a year. Naturally I wanted to live with mum but I soon realised that it was dad that I fitted with. Especially since mums new job. She has this idea of a perfect family and I stand out. I don’t fit the criteria. I mean I know her and Jack tried and I know I can be testing but getting married they’ve known each other for 5 minutes. That’s what pushed me over the edge and the fact that they tried to get me and Poppy to wear peach meringue dresses!

Jack doesn’t like me ever since I spilt a bottle of foundation on his new Armani suit. Which he put on the edge of my bed when he came to talk to me. It just so happed that Tulip – (his dog). Came bouncing in and knocked me. Anyway on the day when he was moving in.  He tried to order me around telling me to get this and do that. Then he pulled me aside and said he was planning on taking mum out for dinner would we mind staying and unpacking his stuff so I told him we weren’t his servants. He rolled his eyes and smirked. “You might as well be. You’re not good at anything else.” Then he looked up and down and walked off laughing.

When they went out Poppy started to unpack his things because Poppy’s sweet like that. Also she has no back bone no offence to her I love her to bits and all but really. Anyway I grabbed his most expensive new suits and went to the homeless shelter and sold them for a fiver to the hobos. He didn’t find this funny, neither did mum so here me and Poppy are in rainy Scotland at a ‘prison’ 

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