A Summer to Remember



2. The Night Out

Harry's P.O.V

I can't believe i'm going out with Missy Gilbert! The olympic swimmer! She's so beautiful. Where should I take her? I could take her out to eat, we could go to the beach, the movies. Maybe i should just ask her what she wants to do...Naw, I'll take her to the movies. 


Missy's P.O.V

What should I wear? I could wear this dress, or just a t-shirt and jeans, t-shirt and jeans it is! You put on a V-neck grey tee, with your dark denim jeans. You slipped on some brown boots too. 

Just then, you hear a knock on the door. That must be Harry. "Shit" I'm not ready yet. You just tell him to come in as you walk into the bathroom. You apply some mascara, blush, and a little bit of eyeshadow. You come out of the room to see Harry sitting on the bed. "You look beautiful." He says as he stands up. He's about 4 inches taller than you. You smile as he takes your hand. You two go downstairs and he opens the big heavy door for you. You two get in a cab. He opens the door for you like a gentleman. You giggle as you hop inside. "So," he asks you. "What would you like to do tonight? I was thinking we could go to the movies." "That sounds great Harry." You say with a smile. Harry tells the cab driver to take you two there. When you arrive at the theater, Harry pays the driver, then opens the door for you. He takes your hand as you get out. You two get two tickets for The Hunger Games. Harry buys a large popcorn, a Twix bar for himself, and some Bucha Crunch for you. You two go and take your seats as the movie starts. It was near the reaping when he put his arm around you. You layed your head on his shoulder. Maybe Harry's not so bad. You think to yourself. After the movie, as you're walking out the theater, a swarm of paparrazzi sorrounds you. He takes your hand as you two run out of the theater. You get a cab and quickly get inside. "How on earth do these people find me like that?" He asked. You shrugged. He holds your hand in the cab. When you get back to the school, Harry stops walking at the porch. He hugs you. You hug him back. "Missy?" He asks. "Hmm?" You reply. "I had the best night with you tonight, and I found that I'm falling in love with you, will you be my girlfriend?" You smiled. "Yes Harry, of course I will." He hugs you once again, but this time, he kisses you too. You feel his warm lips pressed against yours, moving in sync. You felt his tongue slip into your mouth, but then, the kiss was over. As you walked in, you gave Harry one last hug. "I love you babe." He says. "I love you two Harry." You say with a smile. You walk upstairs to room 214. You open the door and close it behind you. You lean up against it, smile, and bite your lip. Melody and Amber were playing checkers. They stared at you. "What happened?" Asks Melody.

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