A Summer to Remember



1. Gone Away

"Do you have all your things?' your mum asks. "Yup." You say. She gives you one last hug, and you get on the plane. You look back once, and wave at her. It's a long plane ride from Texas to California. You put in your hot pink headphones, and blast Cher Lloyd. After a while, you fall asleep. When you wake up, there's fifteen minutes until you land. You get on your laptop to check your email. When you get off, you see a shiny black limo pull up, and see a curly haired, boy get in. "Probably some rich dude," you mumble to yourself. You get in a cab to your boarding school. As you walk in, you see lots of fancy things, a crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling,and  there's marble floors. After you sign up, a tall, dark haired girl leads you too your room. As you're walking up the stairs, another student walks in. It's the curly haired boy! But you realize, he's not just some rich guy, it's Harry Styles from the british/irish boyband One Direction. He steals a look at you, and he can't take your eyes off you. "This is going to be a long summer." you say to yourself. The girl leads you to the girls room, you'll be staying in room 214. You pick a bed, and unpack your things. There's two other girls in the room two. "Hi!" The blonde one says. "I'm Melody!" "Nice to meet you, Melody." you say as you shake her hand. "I'm Amber," the curly redhead says. "Nice to meet you too Amber." "I'm Missy." You say. "Are you Missy Glibert?" Amber asks. "Yes." You reply. Amber's eyes widen. "Weren"t you in the 2004 olympics?" Asks Melody. " Yes. I won two gold medals for the United States." "Wow!" says Amber. "I've heard about you so much. Are you training for the olympics?' Asks Amber. "Yes. I am. You two One Direction fans by any chance?" "Yes!" screams Melody. "That's no surprise," you say under your breath. "Well, Harry Styles is here for the summer too." you say. " He IS!?" "Yes He was on my plane here." " Wow, a celebrity here!" says Amber. "What sport does he play?" You asks Melody. "Badminton and tennis." She says.  "Oh, well that's just great!" you say sarcastically. "The badminton and tennis courts are right next to the pool!" "Are you kidding me?" asked Melody. " I would die to see Harry Styles every day!" Afterwards, you went down to eat dinner. There was mashed potatoes, chicken, and some corn. You sat down at a table. Then somebody sat down next to you. It was Harry! "Hello, babe, can I sit with you?" He asked in a low British accent. "Um, sure yeah I guess." You say. You could smell his strong cologne. "I've seen you swim on the olympics." He said. "You're an amazing swimmer." "Thanks." You say. "You're Melissa, right?" He asked. "My names Melissa, but I go by Missy. You're Harry, right?" you ask him. "Yes, that's me. How would you like to go out on Friday night?" "Sure, " "All right, that's great!" He says excitedly. 

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