Just the way you are

This is a story about Eliza Summer's she moved to england to get away from her past. But she can only run for so long.....
{A/N: This is sorta based off of stuff that has happened in my life minus meeting harry styles haha i wish i had :)} if you have any questions or wanna ask something just comment your question and i would be more than happy to answer :)


4. You Can't Run From Your Past...

Eliza’s past

    When I was just 3 years old my mother left us for another man. She had cheated on my dad and only wanted me so she wouldn't look bad. She had taken my dad’s money and left us for him taking my brother with her. I loved my mother with all my heart and still do. When I was 13 I went to live with my mom in Canada with my step dad, Rob, I only lived there for a couple months. I loved it there until something happened that changes me forever. My step dad had molested me. I had told a teacher what had happened. They didn’t believe me. My mom didn't believe me either. She had fused me out and told me I was worthless, that I didn't deserve to be her daughter, that I should kill myself and do the world a favor. I love my mother but she only cares about herself and money. I used to try so hard fro to get her to talk to me when I did she would cuss me out….my life has never been easy my dad used to abuse me.  All through middle school and some of high school I cut myself and attempted suicide but something always stopped me. I finally realized that my mother didn’t want me freshmen year. She only just started talking to me when I moved to London and got a nice paying job. She only wanted the money.


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