Just the way you are

This is a story about Eliza Summer's she moved to england to get away from her past. But she can only run for so long.....
{A/N: This is sorta based off of stuff that has happened in my life minus meeting harry styles haha i wish i had :)} if you have any questions or wanna ask something just comment your question and i would be more than happy to answer :)


15. Taken!


Harry’s POV

            I just laid there in the hospital bed Just thinking about Eliza. The fear in her eyes when he was taking her. I just need to get her back and soon. *Ring Ring*

“Hey Lou can you hand me my phone please?”

“Sure thing Haz anything for the cripple” he said making a joke at me being hurt. He handed me my phone. It was Kari, she had no clue what had happened to her own daughter.

“Hello” I said trying to stay calm

“HARRY HAVE YOU SEEN PIPER AND EMILIE?” she sounded really stressed out and scared.

“No, but I have something I need to tell you about Eliza..” I said fading my voice

“Oh is it about last night?”

“No she got kidnapped!” I said

“What!!!!!” right as she said that I got a call from Eliza

“Shes calling me right now I'm gonna three way it” I said quickly

“Eliza!! Where are you? Are you okay?” I asked frantically

“Eliza is that you? Have you seen Emilie and Piper?” Kari asked

“Harry I have no clue to where I am and no I have no idea where hunter is and what hes doing and Mom it is me and they are with me he took them too. Nice to know you care about some of your kids…” she was going to say something else but their was a High pitched screm in the background.

“NOOOO NOT MY BABIES!!!”  Kari screamed into the phone before I could say anything else both lines went dead. I lost her again

            I forgot that the boys were still in the room. I didn’t even realize I was crying either. They looked very confused.

“She’s gone…” it croaked out of my mouth just staring at my hands trying to look at them.

“Was that her that called?” Niall asked

“It was her mom who called but in the middle of the call Eliza called me she was in the middle of the call when there was a very loud scream that sounded like one of her sisters.” The tears were just freely falling down my face. I looked up at the boys who looked sad and mad at the same time.

“I’ll be right back!” Liam said through gritted teeth.

“I'm coming to Liam.” Zayn said

“Same here” Niall agreed

“Not without me you dont” Louis said trying to lighten the mood.

“And I’ll be right here” I said with a little chuckle

I really hope they are alright

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