Just the way you are

This is a story about Eliza Summer's she moved to england to get away from her past. But she can only run for so long.....
{A/N: This is sorta based off of stuff that has happened in my life minus meeting harry styles haha i wish i had :)} if you have any questions or wanna ask something just comment your question and i would be more than happy to answer :)


17. For their saftey



Eliza’s Pov


            I knew that I might never be seen again but it was a risk I was willing to take for my sisters. I may have never been there for the when they were little but I am here now. And I plan on being there for a very long time. Hunter had put them back into the basement; of what I am guessing is his house, while we were in his room.


“What is it you exactly want from me hunter? Why did you have to do this?”


“I did this to get you away from that loser that you were cheating on me with.” He said smugly


“I was the one cheating hunter? Really because I remember a certain someone at a bar with a” I wasn’t available to finish because he had punched me in the face. Causing me to double over in pain.


“Listen here slut, you don’t talk to me like that or else your precious little sissies get hurt! “He said threatening her.


“Listen I will let you whatever you want to me, as long as you let my sisters go.” He sat there pondering for a minute.


“Ok” he said simply and I really didn’t want to know what was going through his mind at the moment.


“Can I go talk to them to at least tell them things are going to be okay?” I said giving hunter the puppy eyes which he always fell for. But this time his eyes were evil and spiteful but he had agreed to give me five minutes with them. As we approached the door to the basement I started down the step and that’s when he kicked me in my back. And down I feel tumbling down the stairs scaring my sisters to death. Luckily I didn’t die, but I was in a lot of pain. I hid it from them and walked over and gave them a hug. I told them that everything was going to get better soon.


“Sissy what’s going to happen to us. “Piper asked me with sad and pain filled eyes.


“You guys are going home to mom and harry. I will be there soon.” I found a piece of paper lying on the floor and a searched for a pen or pencil. I found one and I wrote down the possible address. I folded it up into a little piece. I gave it to piper and told he to put in the bottom of her shoe and give it to harry and mom when she saw them. Then right on cue in came a very mad hunter. He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me up the stairs. The girls were crying I really hope they get home okay.

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