Just the way you are

This is a story about Eliza Summer's she moved to england to get away from her past. But she can only run for so long.....
{A/N: This is sorta based off of stuff that has happened in my life minus meeting harry styles haha i wish i had :)} if you have any questions or wanna ask something just comment your question and i would be more than happy to answer :)


1. just a night on the town...

Eliza's P.O.V

    It was a rainy night in England. My boyfriend and I had gotten into an argument earlier in the day. It was nothing unusual for us we always had fights, but this one was different he had never gotten physical with me before. I knew he didn't mean it but everything felt so weird. *Buzz* I looked at my phone and there was a text from him saying he was having a boys night out and that he loved me. Meaning tonight I would be all by myself…Great just what I needed. NOT. I felt like I was going to explode.      *Buzz* hey girls we're having a girls night out not like you care your probably just going to hang out with hunter but with much love Elliott :). Elliott is my best since birth we used to everything together…until me and hunter started dating. Reluctantly I called her to tell her I was going to come. She was so happy she said we were going to go to my favorite bar Lucky's. She said we were going to pick me up at 9:30 and it was 7:30 so I decided to take a shower and straitened my thick curly medium length dark brown hair. When I was done doing my hair it was already 8:40 so input on a little bit of make-up and was ready to go at 9 so I ate a sandwich and watched a little bit of the news. Then I heard the familiar honk of Elliott's car and ran out the door ready to get this night over with.

Harry's P.O.V.

      CABS ARE HERE yelled Niall signaling that he was ready to go. So I came down stairs and looked around for everyone. I saw it too late DOGGGG PILEEEEEE and there I was tackled by my mates. “Okay come on guys get off me” I asked them barely getting the words out of my mouth. “LET’S PARTEYYYYY”  Louis screamed at the top of his lungs. I loved that guy he could make anybody laugh. We got in the car and were off to some place called Lucky’s Niall’s choice tonight. When we got there it wasn’t too crowded just a nice size of people just enough to have fun and not be smothered. Well at least when the night began it wasn’t crowded. It started to pick up around 10:30 ish. I really wasn’t in a mood to party I just wanted to go home and snuggle up in my blanket and sleep the night away. Or at least I wanted to…

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