Evylinn Ane Stone is just another girl trying to find herself in life. She has her share of secrets and a deadly past no one knows about. One thing is for sure, she cant let anyone find them out. And to do that she will go to any extent. How long will she be able to hide things?
Warning has excessive language and graphics. Feedback would be awesome!


1. Past is Present


Orange red flames. Intense heat. Cries of my people, shouting for help. Help.Out of all things that was the one thing i could not do at the moment. How could I help, when I was being scurried of into the woods. But I wanted to help. I wanted to save my people. I stopped to stare at the disater for a moment.
  "  Evylinn, you cannot stop now. I have to get you to the door. You have to be safe,  " my mom yelled in her thick accent, forcing me to walk. I yank back my arm.
  "  But, Mother what about you, father, uncle john, and all of our people?What about our country? I have to stay to help. They need me. "
  "No darling.You have to get out of here. Theyre after you. Youu are the only chance for our kind to survive. We'll be okay.But you have to go and hide yourself in the real world.  "
  "  But mother..  " before I could continue I noticed some one behind my Mom. I pushed her to the side and swept my hand. Sending a wave of water over him.
  "Love, you need to go now. Here is the house you have to go to. They do not know your secret, and make sure no one eles finds out. I will miss you.  " she crieds holding my face in her soft hands.
  "  Okay. I'll do this. For you, for our people  ." I took a last look at my Mom. Her usual perfect black hair in knots, her perfect skin bruised and cut. Her brown caring eyes filled with sorrow and fear. I searched for my Father in the crowed of people. I spotted him in a battle with a Margon. I couaght his eye and waved a good bye, him responding with a nod. I took in a last look at my home. Engulfed in falmes it still looked beautiful. I took the slip of paper from my Mothers hand, and looked up to meet her teary eyes. 
"We will tell you when it is safe for you to come back. Until then take care and here are our gems, they are not safe here but they will be with you. Remember it is dangerous out there. Be careful. Goodbye my child."  
A tear escaped her eye and after mumbling my goodbye I was off. I dodged through the forest, trying to get far away so i could not hear the screams of pain. Thoughts ran through my head.
' I knew we were mortal enimies with the Mogons, but i never thought it was this serious. I have to keeo my powers a secret. No one can know i can control water and earth. And most definitely they cant know about my wings. I have to do this for my country. "
Thinking this I used the key to open the door in the middle of the forest. I took a deep breath and walked through. This was the first time i was going to be in the 'real' world. As i walked out into the other side all i could see was forest. I remember my Mum telling be to walk along the path. As i came to the outskirts of the forest i stood amazed. This world was so different than mine. I stood there for minutes before snapping out of it and looking at the address. Pulling up my hood I set for my destination.
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