One Summer, One Million Changes

Allison gains a chance to record a song over in England during the summer. What she doesn't know is how amazing she is and who she will meet, what she will do, and where she will go along the journey.


1. The Call

"Bzz, Bzz" I jumped at the vibration of my phone. "Hello?" I asked. "Hi, this is Courtney, from the recording studio." "Oh!" I exclaimed. "I am calling to let you know that they picked you to record a song in England." I was speechless. I have been waiting since I was six years old to be picked to record a song! Inside I was freaking out, but I calmly ( well as calmly as I could ) said " That's wonderful! When am I going to be expected in England?" "Well," Courtney said, it sounded as if she was looking for a the date I will be leaving, "They have you booked for a flight from America to England on June third , first class. How does that sound?" she asked. " Amazing!" I said. " Well if that's all then I must be going." I hung up the phone and went to pack. June Third is in two days!
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