One Summer, One Million Changes

Allison gains a chance to record a song over in England during the summer. What she doesn't know is how amazing she is and who she will meet, what she will do, and where she will go along the journey.


10. I Love You

Liam's POV


Allison was all I could think about during the interview, I couldn't wait to see her, hold her in my arms. After the interview I texted Allison and told her that i was on my way over to pick her up 


Me~ Hey beautiful, im coming to pick you up


Allison<3~ Ok babe :) Im ready to go....I can not wait!!!!


Then I picked her up and we headed back to the flat.  We walked into the front door greeted by Hellos and then we heard Louis yell at Harry to go put some clothes on. We settled into the couch with Allison laying in my arms and all I could do was smile.


Allison's POV


I was laying in Liam's arms and i couldn't help but smile i leaned up and whispered in his ear "I love you" He smiled kissed me passionately and said he loves me too. HE LOVES ME!!!!!! I was so happy! It was a great moment until Louis ruined it and said get a room!!!

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