One Summer, One Million Changes

Allison gains a chance to record a song over in England during the summer. What she doesn't know is how amazing she is and who she will meet, what she will do, and where she will go along the journey.


7. First date

Allison's POV


I woke up to a text from Liam


 Liam<3~ Good Morning Beautiful :)xx


Crap it was almost noon! I got out of bed and started to get ready for the day.


Me~Good Morning Handsome :)


Liam<3~Are You busy today love?


Me~ No, i was just going to go sight seeing


Liam<3~Alone? Or would you like to join me and my lads for a bit to go sight see?


I could already see that hopeful look i saw when we were on the plane.


Me~That would be amazing!


Liam<3~ Can i pick you up in twenty minutes?


Me~ Yes! I can not wait :) see you soon!


I told Liam my hotel and my room number and continued to get ready for when he came to pick me up.



Liam's POV


   I Jumped into the Van with the lads , El, and Perrie. Louis drove and El sat next t him so that left me,

Harry Niall, Zayn and Perrie in the back. I Told Allison that we would be there in around 10 minutes, i couldn't wait to see her! We pulled up to her hotel and she was walking out of the elevator. She looked stunning. She walked up to me and i said "Ready?" an she replied, "Of course, I can not wait! lets go!". I followed her out the door, and the lads were waiting outside of the van. I introduced her to them "Allison, This is Louis, and his Fiance Elanor. This is Zayn and his girlfriend Perrie. This is Niall, and This is Harry. I watched her give each of them a hug, we all talked for a while and then we decided we needed to get going. We all piled into the van and she was squeezed in between me and Perrie. We started off and decided to go  big ben and then the London eye and last as a group, Buckingham Palace. we saw big ben and took pictures, then started off to the London eye. We were overlooking London and i felt someone grab my hand. I looked over at Allison and she looked terrified. "Babe, whats wrong?" I looked at her with deep concern on my face. "I-i-i i'm just afraid of heights." she said.  "well, as long as your with me nothing will ever happen to you." i gave her a reassuring look and squeezed her hand. She smiled back and leaned into me. "After we see Buckingham Palace, do you want to break off and do something on our own, like go out for a movie and dinner?" I asked her. "That would be amazing.' she said and smiled.



Allison's POV


Liam came to pick me up and i met his friends and his friends girlfriends, El, and Perrie. We saw Big Ben Buckingham Palace and London eye. I am afraid of heights so when we were on the London eye, i started to hold Liam's hand and he asked me what was wrong and i told him. he told me the sweetest thing ever, and i knew it was true because I think I am falling for him. He told me as long as i am with him nothing would happen to me. He is so amazing! I am so lucky to have someone like Liam. He also asked me on a date for dinner and a movie! I am so nervous....I am sure it will go well though.


We finished walking around Buckingham Palace and the group split up. Niall and Harry went to Nando's, El and Louis went to their house, Perrie and Zayn went Ice Skating, and Liam and i were going on our first date! We decided to go see a romance film and then have a nice dinner at his flat afterwards. We got the tickets and some popcorn to share. We found seats in the back of the theater. The movie was to begin in about five minutes but nobody was there except us! "Hey, Liam were the only people here!" i said . " I know love, isn't it amazing?!" he replied. "Yes it is." I said and smiled. The lights dimmed and he pulled the yawning arm over your shoulder trick. I giggled and he said "What?!" "Oh nothing" I smiled and said. Then we relaxed and watched the movie. It was great film, we walked out of the theater and all of the sudden there were a million flashing cameras in our face and screaming people surrounding us. I was so confused I looked over to Liam, he was busy signing an auto graph. I started to push my way through but then there was a circle around me and another circle around Liam. I was somewhat mad at him for not telling me. Why wouldn't he tell me? I hear someone calling my name but i don't see them. Now i am kind of afraid, i am not used to a million people surrounding me.



I felt a tug on my arm and saw Harry i took his hand and we ran to his car Niall was driving, harry sat in the passenger seat next to Niall and I was in the back by Liam.  " Why didn't you tell me?" I asked "I didn't tell you because i didn't want to hurt you. I wanted you to love me for me, not because i am in a band." Then his eyes started to tear up " I didn't tell you because i didn't want to lose you."  Then i started crying. "Don't cry!" he said. "I am not crying because i am sad. I am crying because i am happy! I am happy because i know you care a lot about me! Liam, I am so sorry that I was mad." I said in tears.  He wrapped me in a hug and we stayed like that the whole way back to my hotel.





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