One Summer, One Million Changes

Allison gains a chance to record a song over in England during the summer. What she doesn't know is how amazing she is and who she will meet, what she will do, and where she will go along the journey.


8. Explanation

Liam's POV


  We were on our way back to Allison's hotel, It felt so good to hold her in my arms, so right. I should have told her earlier on so this would never have happened. I will explain when we get back to the hotel.

We pulled up to her hotel and she invited us in. I shot Harry and  Niall a look, they understood and said "Um we cant...we have to um...Feed the cat! Have a nice evening!"


They ran out the door and Allison and I went up to her room. She made some tea and sat down next to me on the couch. "Allison, i'm sorry for what happened.....I should've said something before." I said


"Liam, It is ok!" She tells me "Don't worry! I should not have gotten mad."


"..........No I should have told you." I say


"It is okay" That's all I heard her say. I got lost looking into her eyes. She was talking and I gently put my lips onto hers and kissed her. She kissed me back! I was so happy!! We both pulled away and smiled at each other. "Does this mean were dating" she asked.


"Well we went on a date didn't we?" I asked


She giggled and leaned into me. "Tell me about yourself" She said.


" Okay, My name Is Liam Payne, I Live in England, I am in a band called One Direction and I have a wonderful girlfriend Named Allison! Your turn!" I say


" My Name is Allison Carlo, I am from America and am currently living in England, I can do england accents, and I have an amazing boyfriend named Liam!" She says


"Let me hear your english accent!" I exclaim


" Hello love, do you have any tea and crumpets?" She says with an amazing accent.


"Wow! That's really good!" I tell her!


" Thanks" She says and blushes." Let me hear you sing!"


" Okay!" I say " Girl I see it in your eyes your disappointed, Cause i'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart, i tore it apart. and girl what a mess i made upon your innocence, No women in the world deserves this but here i am asking you for one more chance!" I sang her my solo from Gotta be you


"Wow Liam!" That is an amazing song!" She says " And an even better voice singing it" She giggles


"Thank you!" I say


She yawns and says " Do you want to watch some TV?"


"Sure!" I reply . She lays her head on my shoulder and i put my arm around her. I am lost in my thoughts and i look at her and she Is sleeping. she is even beautiful when she sleeps. The next thing i know i have fallen asleep too, with her in my arms.



*******AUTHORS NOTE*********

Hello! Thank you for reading my Movella, One summer One Million Changes!!!!! Dont be afraid to comment and let me know if you think i should add anything or how you like it. This is my first movella

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