One Summer, One Million Changes

Allison gains a chance to record a song over in England during the summer. What she doesn't know is how amazing she is and who she will meet, what she will do, and where she will go along the journey.


9. Busy day

Allison's POV


I awoke to the sound of my phone vibrating. I scrambled to answer it, and said "Hello?" I saw Liam start to rouse from the couch so i went into the other room so i wouldn't wake him.


"Hello, Miss Carlo. It is Courtney from the recording studio again."


"Hello Courtney, can I help you?" I replied


"Yes, They want you  to come into the studio around three, they will have someone pick you up."


"Of course! I will be ready, Thanks again Courtney goodbye now." I hung up the phone and found that Liam was not on the couch anymore. I walked into the kitchen and he was making tea.


"Good morning love!" He said with a smile


"Good morning!" I said as i kissed him softly.


"What is on your schedule today beautiful?" He asked


"Well, I got a call from the recording studio and they want me to come in around three, but that is all." I told him with a smile. " What are you doing today?"


"I have to go to an interview at four, but that is it" He smiled


"Well good luck at your interview!" I told him


"Good luck at the recording studio! I know everything will go great" He said as pulling me into a hug.

I hugged him back and we stayed like that for a while, in each others arms until Liam's phone started to ring. He groaned and went to answer it. "Hello?  Yes Niall I am. No! What? Niall I will be home shortly. Ok, bye now. What? Fine ok I will pick up some Nando's on the way. Ok Bye Niall" He hung up the phone and said "Sorry, that was Niall, the lads want me home we have to be at the interview early so i best be going."


"Okay" I sighed " Good Luck!!"


"Thank you and you too! Sing well!" He said before he left.


I waved bye as Liam walked out the door. I looked around and people were staring. I looked at my reflection in the glass and saw that i was still in my pajamas, so i ran up to my room and changed. I was wearing a dark blue skirt from aeropostale and a gray tank top with a white cover up. I put some mascara on because I was meeting people from a record deal, and I really wanted to get signed.  I straightened my hair and grabbed my sunglasses. By the time I was done it was 3:45. I got my phone and purse and headed for the car waiting for me. I got in and was off to the studio. In the car i got a txt from liam


Liam~ Hey babe :)


Me~` Hey:)


Liam~The interview we did will air tonight at ten, do you want to come over and watch it with us?


Me~I would :) What time should i come?  

Liam~Dont you worry about that! I will pick you up at eight...;)


Me~Okay :) sounds good!


Liam~ Okay :) and you dont have to dress up :)


Me~ Okay :) How does jeans and a t shirt sound to you?  

Liam~ Perfect ;) Bye love I will see you at eight!


Me~Bye :) <3


We pulled up to the Studio and I said Thanks to the driver and got out. I walked inside and there was a lady sitting at a front desk. I walked up to her and she says " Hello I am Courtney, How may I help you?"


"Hi Courtney I am Allison Carlo, Nice to meet you in person."


"Hello dear. You too, You are so young.....and pretty! I think you will go far."


"Thank you!" i said and blushed. She told me where to go and i went there. I walked into a big lounge room. There was a lady sitting in a chair and she immediately started talking to me.


"Hello I am Morgan your manager. I have to be somewhere in five minutes so please excuse me if i talk really fast. Okay So They recording people have told me that they want you to do an actual recording tomorrow at 10. Please be on time. same place. Excuse me i have to go"


AUTHORS NOTE sory its short my computer is gonna die...... wanted to say i want to add more charecters to my book. if u want to be in it please leave a physical descrition of your charecter, what they like and dont, what their names r , what they will be doing and who they r! Thanks!! :)

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