Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


9. Chapter 9


The pop music blasts through the door as I open it. There are teenagers every where, none of them as brightly dressed as me. A few girls have dyed their hair but only boring colours like brown or dark red. One girl has dark brown, nearly black hair in long curls. She is surrounded by lots of other girls. They're all dressed similar, in jeans T-shirts and trainers, the curly haired girl has a looks like she is the leader of the group. Her eyes swerving all over the hall, I think she might be looking for the new girl. Her eyes finally meet mine. She whispers to a girl next to her, who automatically runs to the speakers and turns them off.

The girl walks up to me, her eyes unkind. Daniel takes a step next to me. He obviouly wanting to seem like the protective boyfriend.

"Well look what scumbag has finally came to the school", Everyone in the hall is silent, looking me up and down. I feel like they are trying to unhinge me. I gather the courage to speak. I look the girl in the eye.

"I'm sorry I didn't realise you were new here too", I smile innocently as the hall is filled with gasps. The girl looks really pissed off. Something tells me that she isn't spoke too like this at this school.

"How dare you speak to me like that you slag!" She screams.

"Excuse me but what did you just call me?" I say crossing my arms. Anything to stop me from attacking her. She sees that she just offended me and that I'm on the verge of ripping her head off.

"I'm sorry, don't you like hearing the truth?", I feel my blood boiling up. I clench my fists. I breath heavily out my nose. I feel the veins throbbing on my forehead. The girl smiles.

"Aww is diddims having a temper tantrum". I hate being talked to like a little child. I feel my eyes heating up. Everything in my body feels like lava.

"Shut up or I will kill you", I whisper. The girl laughs.

"Do you think I'm scared of that, you too weak to even make a dent in me", Surprisingly Leo speaks up.

"Charlotte, shut up, your upseting her."

"Oh piss off Leo I don't care what you think, if the tramp wants to beat me up let her try but sh........, What the hell?" She looks at my eyes then steps back.

"She gone red eyed."

"What?!" Jasper shouts. He turns me around, but I smack his arm away.

I feel two people pull me away. They carry me back to the room. I hear Leo.

"I told you not to bring an uncontrolled one, does she even know about herself?" I hear Daniel reply.

"I wasn't to know, you just said bring a female vampire, you didn't say where or not she was controlled."

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